Why Do Children Lie?

Like any mother, I would like my child to grow up with good values, honesty included.  Earlier today, I saw my daughter wearing a tiara we got her for a cousin’s wedding. She was part of the entourage and we thought she would look absolutely adorable wearing a tiara. That was years ago and I know  that I stored that tiara in my cabinet. Today when I saw her wearing it I asked her where she got it. After a millisecond of hesitation, she said she got it in her toy storage. I asked her again, “Did you get it from my cabinet?” “No”. I asked her two more times… that was when she broke down and cried on the bed.

image from parentmap.com

I get so frustrated when things like this happen. I don’t want her to grow up a liar. How can I correct this disappointing habit of hers while she’s still young?

I did a bit of research on the net to find out why kids lie and this is what I found out:

Kids lie to prevent any punishment. They lie to cover things up in hopes of stopping punishment or reprimand that may result from their wrong doing.

Kids lie to test their parents’ response including its constancy or lack thereof.

Kids lie to gain attention. The child with the better story gets more audience.

Kids lie to manipulate a situation. “No, I didn’t get a piece of candy earlier, can I have some now?”

As moms, should we be alarmed?  Should we panic now that our child is heading down a path towards being a pathological liar? Don’t worry, apparently all is not lost. Kids start lying at around three years old and this escalates towards school age of four to six, when they get even better actors and better at lying.

There is one thing we parents should remember when our children lie: stay positive. Don’t freak out (like I sometimes do) and have a meltdown. Talk to your child and emphasize the positive values. Instead of highlighting the act of lying, stress the importance of honesty and how it makes you and the whole family happy and proud when only the truth is said.  You can also incorporate some stories to hammer in the value of honesty. The classic “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” never fails to drive the point. 

Of course, as with everything else in parenting, consistency is key.  Be consistent in getting your child’s attention whenever he or she lies so that’s they’ll know.

Good luck!

I am now a Sangobion Mommy!

My Bea has grown so fast! She is now six and about to turn 7 next January. I look back and wonder where have all the years gone? Parang kalian lang, she was just learning how to walk, now she’s running all over the place! She is in that phase where she is just so active. I can barely keep up with her! She bring home so many lessons to study, and mind you, the children’s subject matter nowadays, grabe! She’s still in preschool but her lessons are so complicated, you’d think they’re intended for grade school students!

So sometimes, keeping up with my daughter and keeping a day job (not for long though) plus the challenge of growing our photography business takes its toll on me. I just feel tired all the time. I often lack sleep and my skin is just dull.

So, I decided I need vitamins. With so many multivitamins in the market, I decided to try Sangobion (Merck) It promises that I’d look and perform at my best. Sold! Just like that I decided to become a Sangobion Mommy!

Sangobion is actually an iron supplement, but unlike other iron supplements, it is organic iron. This organic iron formulation allows for better absorption in the body.

Sangobion contains Vitamin C, Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Copper sulfate, and Manganese sulfate. A big improvement is the fact that Sangobion contains SORBITOL. Since a common complaint from iron supplements is that it causes constipation, Sorbitol is a good solution. This component acts as an anti-constipating agent. Sorbitol is naturally found in edible fruits and vegetables. Unlike other iron supplements which have an icky metallic smell and taste, this vitamin comes in a delicious chocolate scent.  I know, you had me at chocolate! Haha..

At P18.25 per capsule, it may not be the cheapest vitamin supplement out there, but I am willing to try it out so that I can hope to reap its wonderful effects in the years to come!

My Nanny Has TB! Grrr...

I sent my nanny packing. Yesterday, I found out that she has tuberculosis. Argh! She is now the record holder for being the nanny with the shortest number of days with us. She was with us for a total of 4.5 days.
This year, we’ve had the most nanny problems ever. When I have time, I will share them all one by one. Right now, let me just say that this year alone, we’ve had to change nannies five times!

Our latest nanny, C was referred to us by our cleaning lady and one-time nanny L. She is 16 years old but she assured me that she has already been employed as a nanny before to a little boy. I thought that this is good, she will surely be able to handle Bea. At 16, she seems to have already had a full and challenging life. Just a few months before, she lost a baby in her womb, and her boyfriend blamed her for “killing” their child. OMG… that burden at such a young age! Anyway, we were really desperately looking for help. Berto (the hubby) couldn’t get his projects done because nanny duties have been delegated to him.

So we said yes, ok let’s give C a try. When she stood up from our interview, I heard her cough. A crackling cough that made me cringe. Uh-oh. I wanted to take it back, my consent to employ her, but hubby seemed so relieved that finally he will get some work done, I just didn’t have the heart.

When  C came back the next day, we asked her to wear a surgical mask, especially when she’s around Bea. She complied. We also made sure she drank her cough meds. While training her about her daily tasks, hubby and I noticed that she is a bit sloooow, literally and figuratively. Out of desperation, we decided not to notice na lang.

On her third day, she asked for P500 so she can have that chest xray she was asked to have by the health center. Hubby gave her the money. She promised she’d return later that night. She didn’t.

After 4 days she came back, out of the blue with her boyfriend and his mom. She was explaining how her boyfriend got sick and she had to take care of him at the hospital. Ok, we are understanding folks, and stuff like these do happen. (although they should’ve had the courtesy to have someone stop by and tell us what happened.) We took her back in. Just when she was about to retire in her room, hubby asked her nonchalantly about her chest x-ray. That’s when she dropped the bomb, she has tuberculosis. She said it in a matter-of-fact way, as if she was just making kwento that she had hair rebonded or her brows waxed.  I felt my blood rush to my feet. Waaah!

That’s when we decided she had to go. We explained to her that we just can’t have a sick person near our child, especially with Bea’s bout with primary complex when she was a baby! C seemed so surprised and bewildered. I don’t think she realizes the weight of her illness. Maybe she thinks it’s just another name for the cough. (??)

Anyway, we are now back to being nannyless…  hay.  Please…. we really need someone before the weekend comes because that weekend is PACKED with activities for our business.  I am sending good vibes out there… =)

Another Blog Revamp

I kinda felt that the pink template of this mommy blog has grown old for me. I have actually outgrown my affinity to anything pink a loooong time ago. I just thought that I'd make this blog pink since it is Bea's favorite color. It is a blog about her after all, but in the light of my urgent desire to give my blogs a boost, I have decided to give this blog a new look. A purple look! Hahaha!

Ok, so admittedly, purple is MY favorite color and I'm making this blog purple to encourage me to post here more. I'm bribing myself with my favorite color just so I would write here more...could I get any weirder?

Purple Love

Tips on Teaching Your Child to Be More Organized

My parents hated clutter. They constantly reminded us to put away our things properly. My sister slowly adapted the habit. When she was younger, her room was cluttered like mine, but when she grew up, she learned the art of de-cluttering regularly. Sadly, I wasn’t able to develop that trait.

It was only when became an adult that I learned the value of organization. A cluttered space promotes a cluttered mind. Now I would like to teach my Bea how to be organized. At a young age, we can teach our children to appreciate the value of clean and orderly surroundings. They can always start with simple things they know very well, their toys.

Let me share with you tips on teaching your child the value of packing away their toys:

Let your child play with only one toy at a time. Allow her to bring out another toy from her toy chest only after she returns the previous toy properly.

Make up a song while you pack away. Make a game out of the activity. Make sure she finishes packing away her toy before the song is done.

Use clear and positive instructions. Say “Mommy would love it if you help in picking up your toys” or “Please return your dolls back to the toy chest”.

Appreciate and give praise for her actions. Let her know that you’re proud of her for remembering to pack away her toys properly.

Consistency is always important if you want this positive trait to develop into a habit. By constantly reminding your child to pack away her toys and then affirming her actions, this will set the foundation and eventually develop into a positive part of her personality as she grows up.

Bea Loves Snow White

This is how our toilet seat at home looks like. When we were at Handyman (DIY shop), hubby and I were busy picking stuff up for our new office, Bea was also busy looking at the paints, and stickers and lights. She wanted to buy so many things. Finally, I told her she can buy only one thing. She got all happy and skipped off somewhere, after a while she was back and to her daddy's dismay, she was back with this toilet seat sticker. She looooves disney princesses, Snow White in particular. I offered other items as alternative but she would not be swayed. Finally I agreed. Now, we go to the bathroom and we are greeted by two beautiful women, urging us to be true to our dreams. Us girls love them, on the other hand, hubby shared with me that he feels anxious and gets all conscious as two fair maidens are looking at him as he does his business. Haha.. He's so conservative!

Of Pearl Necklaces and Motherhood (Happy Mother's Day!)

Today is mother's day. Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there! I have been a mom for more than six years now and I still feel giddy whenever I am greeted on mother's day! haha. 

Earlier today, I wanted to google something (google is now a verb right?) I found it amusing when the laptop showed a letter G wearing a pearl necklace while 2 letter O's came bounding in giving the letter G a big hug. Google has such cute ways of celebrating various important dates, Mother's Day included. Then I realized, I also own a pearl necklace! Am I now part of the stereotype that is motherhood? My mother didn't own a pearl necklace, but she was the best mother in the world, showing me unconditional love and understanding and forgiveness and support. I just wish I can even be half the mother that she was, then I would've known that I am a good mother. 

As much as I love my mother, if there was one thing I could as her to change, it would be her overprotectiveness. I know my mother loved me, and I know she believed in me and that she wanted only the best for me, but in so doing she protected me from so many things, including many important life lessons I could have learned.

Until I was in high school, my mother chose what I wore, and because of this, I developed no fashion sense at all. I guess she wanted to spare me from the time-consuming decisions a teenage age girl goes through about what she wants to wear for the day. Sadly though, because of this I never discovered my own fashion style, what I liked, what I didn't like. It was only in college (during summer classes since we got to wear civilian clothes and not our uniforms) that I got the chance to choose my own clothes but by then I was just lost. It was all Tshirt and jeans for me. I never really develop the love for good and tasteful clothes, and shoes for that matter. 

Another thing she protected me from was choosing impractical courses and choosing a too progressive (radical) school. Yep, I never got to choose my course or school in college. I am sorry to say that although I know my parents only had the best intentions for me, this has caused me (and still does) a great deal of sadness and confusion. Being good (or at least acceptable) at something you don't like at all is a curse. They were correct of course, I found a good job almost immediately, and have stayed on because of the security and stability... but I am  unhappy. 

I was also protected from basic social obligations.  My mother always did the talking for me. I was terribly shy (still am) and being the youngest, I was taught not to join in the "adult conversation" (usapang matanda) so whenever we had company, I'd greet the visitors politely and retire to my room. I was never expected to entertain. And so I never developed the gift of small talk, and entertaining. Thankfully I have a husband who is a born entertainer... hahaha, and now he does most of the talking for me too.

When I got married and became a parent, I told myself I will not do these things to my child. I will not overly protect or limit and I will not impose. Now however, I realize it is easier said than done. When one has a child, all you want to do is to protect and spoil the kid to death. Yes, that is the instinct. I want to give my Bea everything, and I would like to give in to her every whim. I also have this idea that I, being the adult, know what's best. What does she know, she is merely a child (who happens to have strong opinions)? The world is a bad place and this child must be protected... always.  

This must be how my mother felt about me. It's true what they say, you'll only truly understand your mother when you become one yourself, and I appreciate her even more now. 

But as much as I love my daughter, I must resist.  Tough love and all that. I want her to be happy, to be fully developed, and be her own person. I want her to go through the process of finding her own personality not just the goody-goody personality dictated by society. I want her to experience life. Hopefully, she will thank me later. Hopefully....

Attack of the Crazies... and hopes of being a WAHM

It all started innocently enough. Daddy was playing Angry Birds in his PSP while his two girls watch on.

Since daddy was intent on playing with his game, we decided to ham it up for the camera. Here we are with the usual "wacky pose".

Bea suggested we do "silly faces" next. Sadly, my version of silly turned out to be the eng-eng look! Argh!

After a while, daddy couldn't help but join in. He actually just got frustrated when he couldn't solve the level that he was in. =)

And... there's the eng-eng look again. =)

I just treasure these precious times together. The little one is growing up so fast. Our bed is now too small for us as it is, imagine how it will be a year from now. Pretty soon cuddle/kulitan sessions will be too crowded, and someone (probably Berto or me) might just get hurt in the rough play. Boy, are those little arms powerful! Haha. 

I often remind Daddy to cherish these moments too, because in a couple of years, our little Bea would have her own friends, would probably prefer to lock herself in her room chatting with them on the phone or on the internet... and she'd rather spend time with them than with her folks. The way kids grow up nowadays, that might not be too far off in the future. Hay... sad. That's what's making me want to be a work-at-home mom even more. I wouldn't want to miss these moments because I spend most of my time at work or at growing the photography business. I wouldn't want to wake up one morning and realize that I spent most of my life, slaving off at a job I don't particularly like instead of being with people who matter  the most... my family.

Free chocolate cake for Moms this Mother's day

“The Queen’s Delight” a Mother’s Day Promo. In celebration of the Mother’s Day, we are giving out FREE Chocolate Cake for every purchase worth P500 of any Figaro food and beverage

Promo duration will run from May 11, 12 and 13, 2012 only. 

Available only at Ayala Town Center, BPI Medical Plaza, Cattleya, Emerald, Glorieta, Greenbelt, Shangri-La Mall, Robinson's Manila, Festival Mall, Gateway, Liberty, SM Baguio, Tomas Morato.
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Out On Errands

At what age should we allow our children to go out on errands? Last month, hubby decided our 6 year old Bea is old enough to be given some responsibilities, one of them is being sent out to buy stuff from the nearby sari-sari store. The first time we sent her out, we asked her to buy 2 pcs of ice. Hubby wrote  a down what she needed to buy in a piece of paper so she can just hand it to the storekeeper. We also gave her the exact amount so that there won't be any change. Hubby just reminded her to stay on the sidewalk and watched her from afar.A few minutes later, she was back! Success! But then she ran straight to me and told me how her daddy had sent her off to the store alone, what if she was ran over by a car?? A six year old worry wart...haha.  

After that first time, we sent her out on various errands to the store. She has gotten more confident about these trips and don't worry as much about getting ran over by cars anymore. Save for one incident where she almost forgot her task when she saw her friends playing nearby and was sidetracked into playing with them, her assignments have been successful. What's next? Bring it on, our 6 year old princess is ready! =)

Sunday is Pancake Day

Sundays are special since we have the rare chance to have breakfast together. Although Berto and I love to sleep in, our Bea often wakes up earlier than us and tries to wake me up, reminding me that we will cook pancakes for Daddy. 

We only use the instant pancake mix. I choose the "just add water" kind over the "from scratch" kind anytime. Haha!

I prefer Magnolia Pancake Plus because it has a free pancake syrup included inside the package. There is a choice between traditional maple, chocolate or strawberry. We've tasted all flavors and we ended up liking the Maple Syrup.

It so simple to make, Bea helps me to make them.

Directions in cooking the pancakes:
  • Brush pan or griddle with oil.
  • Preheat pan at medium-high setting.
  • Mix Magnolia Pancake Plus and 2/3 cup water until free from lumps.
  • Pour about 1/8 cup batter onto heated pan.
  • Cook until edges look dry  and bubbles begin to appear. 
  • Turn pancakes over and continue to cook until golden brown.
  • Serve with syrup.

Here is our routine:

I let Bea pour the powder mix and water in the mixing bowl. As I stir, she'd do this elaborate motions of putting in hugs and kisses for daddy. Then she'd leave me to mix it until smooth. I'd also let her pour in the first batch onto the pan (with my help of course), then I'd cook the rest. I'd also let her stir Daddy's coffee (add more hugs and kisses here). That way, she'd feel she participated in the whole process of  preparing and cooking, then  she'd be confident as she tells her daddy that she made him breakfast!

Tips on Getting Your Toddler Ready For His or Her First Haircut

A toddler’s first visit to the salon doesn’t need to be stressful or traumatic. In fact, it should be fun. In fact it can be considered as one of the child’s milestones. I cut my Bea’s hair until she was a toddler. It was when she started getting curious why I go to a salon to have my haircut that I decided it was time for her to get professional hair care.

Here are some tips to prepare your kids for their first trip to the salon:

Let your child know in advance when you intend to go for a haircut. Have a countdown. Mark your calendar with your child’s crayons. Make sure you pass by the salon a few times before actually going. This will familiarize your child to the place.

Be honest and let your child know what exactly will happen at the salon. Don’t tell him or her that you’ll just be going to the park or to his or her favorite fast food. Your child will surely feel betrayed.

Pick your child’s best time. Make sure your child is in the right mood when you go for a haircut. Make sure he or she is fed and rested. Cranky children are not the most cooperative children.

Make sure there is a friendly face there to accompany your child.

Once done, make sure to praise your child for being a good boy/girl, and let them know know better looking they now are with the new haircut. Don’t forget to reward them also with a new toy or a quick snack. If you promised anything before the haircut (a bribe!) make sure you fulfill that promise!

Now start planning your child's first haircut. Good luck!

Baby Blast 3 at the Trinoma Acitivity Center

Following the very successful launch of “Baby Blast: Fun Learning Starts Now” in 2010, and the well received "Baby Blast: Fun Learning Continues" in 2011, we again encourage you to join us in celebrating the wonder of life at its early stages! Recognizing that Early Head Start (EHS) is crucial in the social, intellectual and physical development of children age 0-3 years, EHS advocates, teachers, experts and parents together with their kids, will once again gather onApril 22, 2012, from 10am-7pm at the Trinoma Activity Center.

To continue to bring this advocacy to more parents and educators, and to enlighten existing EHS supporters with the latest developments and methods in early education, “Baby Blast Year 3: It's More Fun in the Family” will highlight entertaining talks on health, parenting and education from experts, parents and teachers, educational material demos, parent and baby exhibits, as well as booths and fun activities!

Take Good Care of Your Eyes

I have been wearing glasses right out of college. When I was still a kid, I discovered my love for reading. Two of my aunts were avid readers, and I had access to lots of books of varied topics. My responsible parents warned me against reading in the dark and while riding in jeepneys. They said it was not good for my eyes. Being the child that i was, I didn't believe them. 

Many, many books and years after, I started getting headaches. My mom took me to an optometrist and she gave me the verdict: I needed glasses. 

The glasses my dear Bea is wearing in the picture is just a prop in our photobooth. She thankfully still have perfect vision (she's just 6 after all). So here's my advice for you dear Bea: Take care of your eyes. Eat lots of vegetables. Though reading is always good, read with proper lighting and steady ground. Learn from mommy's mistake. When I was younger, I though wearing glasses was cool. It's not, mostly it's a hassle. For a time I wore contact lenses because of convenience, until my eyes got irritated. You have beautiful eyes baby, you shouldn't hide them behind eye glasses. 

I hope my Bea is wiser than me and heed this advice. =)

Bea Attended an Angry Birds Themed Party

Last April 9, Araw ng Kagitingan, we spent our afternoon at the Loyola Grand Villa Clubhouse Celebrating my kumare's son's birthday. Sadly, Daddy Berto wasn't able to join us because BK Pixels had a prior commitment, a photo booth rental. 

Anyway, Daddy just dropped us off the venue, and it was just Bea, our new yaya and me. We were a bit late so the party was already in full swing we arrived. As expected, the venue was wonderfully decorated, after all the birthday boy's mom is the Party Planner (Yan-ple's Party Shop). Upon entering we were given a name tag and was made to choose which angry bird is Bea's favorite (red). Apparently they had personalized bagtags as part of the party favors! They also had various food carts, including my favorite Scramble! I actually went to get 4 refills! Haha!

Bea had a wonderful time since she is now 6 and cab actively join the parlor games. In fact, she won in both games she joined! She also won prizes in the ever-present Bring Me Game. I know my Bea had a wonderful time not only because of the prizes but also because she can now also appreciate the magic show by host Wizzo and puppet show by Wanlu. I wasn't able to take pictures of her loots and prizes, but she got a LOT! The kids went crazy when the Angry Bird mascot came to stage and danced for the kids. After a while, kids were allowed to join the Angry Bird onstage for some picture taking. I was one proud mommy when Bea went up on her own and touched the mascot with a wide smile plastered on her face. She has truly gotten over her fear of mascots! 

Daddy picked us up after the party and Bea proudly showed off her prizes and loot bag of goodies. Hopefully Daddy can join us next time! 

Prickly Heat!

As if the summer heat is not enough, I get even more irritated to see Bea scratching her skin so roughly that it turns beet red already. The heat and the perspiration has caused her skin to break out into a full scale prickly heat episode. The other day, on my way home from the office, I just had to drop by the drug store and buy something to help ease the itchiness Bea was feeling. I bought the good old Calamine lotion of my childhood: Caladryl and Johnson's Cooling Baby Powder. I was actually looking for Fissan Powder, the one specifically made for prickly heat, however there were no stock available. I guess my Bea is not alone in her predicament since a lot of other people bought the powder.

I sure hope the heat eases up soon enough. It is just too hot!!!

Ready for Meal time with Lactum Contest

Submission of entries is from March 25 to April 22. This contest is open to parents or guardians of kids aged 37 months to 9 years of age as of contest date. They should Lactum 3+ and 6+ Facebook page. One entry per kid.

Voting starts April 23 to May 4. The top 3 photos will win an iPAD each. 12 runners-up withe the most votes will win Itouch each.

Winners will be notified by May 5, 2012.

Bea's Artwork

Last Saturday, after Bea's foundation day presentation, we went back up to their classroom. On our way there, I noticed some artworks pasted along the hall. When I asked Bea about it, she eagerly showed me some of her handiwork. They were so pretty! 

I was so amazed. When I was her age, I was artistically-challenged. Ask my art teachers about me and watch them scratch their heads... hahaha. =) Good thing she got the artistic genes from daddy.

Bea's Dance During SLRMS Foundation Day

Last Saturday, we went to school early for your Foundation Day Presentation. Too bad Daddy didn't feel well, that's why he opted to stay behind and rest. No worries because mommy came with you. We also brought ate Gladish along too for some additional support.

First to present were the nursery students. They were so adorable. I remember your presentation last year, with the Filipiniana costume... Cuteness overload!

My heart leapt when the announcer said that it was the Kinder pupils' turn to present their dance, which they ardently prepared for...

I got ready with my DSLR, ready to zoom in on my little princess. You had your dance steps "almost" memorized =) You brandished your baton (a pvc pipe covered with gold paper and stripped straw on both ends) with confidence and style. Too bad  the sun was already high in the sky by that time and you got a bit distracted by the heat... but over all, it was a wonderful performance.

After the presentation, we went up to your classroom where you showed be the artworks you did for art class. I was so proud! Great job baby, keep it up! =)

Between A Mother and A Daughter By Helene Kozinn

You are in my thoughts every step
of my way.
Although you are grown and far away,
I know when you're happy
or having a bad day.
Just being your mom, I know your way.
I remember the days when Dwaine and you
would gaze out our window,
enjoying the view.
The nightly ritual, forever in my head
of a piggyback ride, on your way to bed.
I wish, so often for a moment with you
not sharing this time,
with all, that you did.
Although, I understand and truly care;
I still wish to reach out
and just stroke your hair.
There are times, when I wish
for a hug, and a kiss;
perhaps I just need to tell you all this.

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