Reading The Little Mermaid Book

I just want to share that after trying for so many years to get Bea to like books and reading, it has finally happened! She now loves, loves, LOVES to read! She reads just about anything! 

Some time ago, she'd often roll her eyes at me whenever I ask (demand) that we go in every bookstore we pass. She'd glare at me whenever I'd purchase another book. She'd hate it even more when I ask for a short break which I call "Mommy Time" and lock myself in our room for some peace and quiet with a book (and some munchies). 

Now she loves books too! I guess the change happened when we got her new glasses. Because of the dog bite, which turned out to be a sort of blessing in disguise, we found out that Bea had terrible eyesight, and badly needed glasses. I guess that's when she started reading properly and started appreciating the words she read. Now she reads a lot! she'd rummage through her old books and read those. When she's done, she'd find more books and read some more! Ahhh! My little mini-me!

Last month, I bought her a set of Disney Princesses Read Along Books. It was actually a set of 5 but I just took out one and hid the rest. This way, she'd appreciate the books more. I let her read Tangled. She just adored the movie and as expected, she loved the book too!

This Christmas, I took out Little Mermaid and wrapped it. I told her it was her Daddy's gift for her. She almost jumped with joy! Although, she is now so good at reading, she finished the book in just one sitting! I remember months before when we'd finish a book in three nights. Now she's just getting better and better at it!

Mommy Lesson Learned: my daughter has her own timeline of learning. I can't impose on her what I expect her to be able to do at a specific time. When she's ready, she'll know and she'd just do it. Patience is a virtue. Thanks baby for reminding me. 

Attending A Minions Party

Last Sunday was a hectic one for our family.  We attended a kiddie party organized by one of the best party and events organizers Apple of Yanple's.  This party was extra special because this was for her youngest son and my inaanak...  Aethan!

This year,  Aethan turned 3. The party theme featured his current favorite: Minions!  It was held in Shakey's Marcos Highway. 

Before going to the party,  we made sure we heard mass first.  We won't have time after the party anymore since proceeded to our barkada Christmas party afterwards.  Told you guys it was a hectic Sunday!

Just before 11am, we arrived at Shaker's and we knew we were just in time.  The party was just about to start.  All our friends plus their respective families were there.  I just love it when we get together with them.  Bea loves playing with the children of my barkada.  They're almost family :)  One time,  she asked me if they were her cousins.  :)

As expected,  there were a lot of games!  Bea got a lot of prizes,  and all of them were minion-themed.  Even adults had a great time.  We also joined in the games.  I joined the balloon relay where we had to pass along a balloon then spell Aethan's name with our butts.  That's me wearing a dark blue shirt,  busy spelling Aethan's name.  The girls' group was so competitive,  we won!  As a consequence,  The boys had to line up and spell Aethan's name with their bottoms facing the audience!  Har har har.  Too bad Berto didn't join the game. 

When the minion mascot came out,  the kids were so happy!  They rushed towards him for a photo op. Here's Bea with her friends.  Of course even adults refused to pass up the opportunity.  My friends and I also had our picture taken with the one-eyed Minion. 

Thanks to Apple and her family for inviting us to Aethan's Minions party.  Bea and our whole family definitely had a grand time!

Happy Birthday to Me! (2013)

Last month I celebrated my birthday by having a simple staycation in a hotel where our not-so-little Bea splashed around in the bath tub till her fingers turned pruny and blue. She didn't mind at all that unlike last year, we didn't get to go to Laguna to dip in the hot springs there. For dinner, we just popped a dvd of a cartoon movie and had Jollibee meals delivered to our room. 

It was as simple as that, but we were all very happy =)

The next day,  on the way home, we dropped by the stores along White Plains and bought Maning's Lechon Pugon, Jacinta's Kutchinta and Pancit Malabon.

Another year has passed, I am very grateful for all my blessings, including the learning experiences that I also encountered along the way. I am so grateful for my family, grateful for the past year, hopeful for the new year ahead of me!

For a more detailed post about my birthday celebration, click the link here!

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