Pretty Stainless Steel Earrings

Bea lost her earrings a few months ago. We've been planning to get her another pair. We usually get her the earrings for babies bought from the drug store since they're hypoallergenic. We initially bought earrings from our pediatrician, but then we found out that Mercury Drug Store also sold earrings with birth stones. We don't really get Bea's birthstone, we just buy whatever color she likes. 

However, we kept on forgetting to get a pair, and we were worried that the holes of her earlobes will close already. So I lent her my smallest hoop earrings, which was still too big for her. =) I kept on telling her it's just temporary but she got stuck with the hoops for months!

So finally, when we went to the mall a few days ago, I remembered the earrings! We went to my favorite stainless steel jewelry shop, Imono. I figured that since the material is "surgical steel" it follows that it is hypoallergenic. Plus I cleaned it with alcohol first. 

Heart-shaped Earrings

Beautiful earrings for the beautiful girl

I got her the cutie heart design with a faux diamond in the middle. I didn't get her something super expensive, just in case she loses this one again. =)

Buying New Rubber Shoes

After a blogging hiatus, I’m back to tell you about Bea’s new milestone. A few days ago, we got her first “big girl rubber shoes”!  We went to the department store to look for new rubber shoes for her. We went straight for the children’s section and tried to look for something that suited her. When she finally got to pick a style that she liked, we asked for the biggest size in that style. When Bea tried to fit the shoes, it was too small! The sales lady then directed us to the ladies’ section, she said we should try the smaller sizes there. Awww… my baby’s feet are no longer fit for a baby…

With a heavy heart, we trudged on to the ladies’ section. Our first reaction: everything was expensive! Unlike in the kids’ section where we can still buy something below P1,000, here almost everything is 3k up. Waaah. We're apprehensive to invest in expensive shoes, knowing she'd outgrow them soon. Then we found the World Balance corner. Finally, something we could afford! Hahaha! Being still obsessed with Queen Elsa of Frozen, Bea chose a colorful style, mainly of blue color but with accents of green and purple. It was adorable!!! And it only cost us P1,499.

Here she is wearing her new World Balance Active Grid rubber shoes. My baby is really growing up so fast!

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