Sunday is Pancake Day

Sundays are special since we have the rare chance to have breakfast together. Although Berto and I love to sleep in, our Bea often wakes up earlier than us and tries to wake me up, reminding me that we will cook pancakes for Daddy. 

We only use the instant pancake mix. I choose the "just add water" kind over the "from scratch" kind anytime. Haha!

I prefer Magnolia Pancake Plus because it has a free pancake syrup included inside the package. There is a choice between traditional maple, chocolate or strawberry. We've tasted all flavors and we ended up liking the Maple Syrup.

It so simple to make, Bea helps me to make them.

Directions in cooking the pancakes:
  • Brush pan or griddle with oil.
  • Preheat pan at medium-high setting.
  • Mix Magnolia Pancake Plus and 2/3 cup water until free from lumps.
  • Pour about 1/8 cup batter onto heated pan.
  • Cook until edges look dry  and bubbles begin to appear. 
  • Turn pancakes over and continue to cook until golden brown.
  • Serve with syrup.

Here is our routine:

I let Bea pour the powder mix and water in the mixing bowl. As I stir, she'd do this elaborate motions of putting in hugs and kisses for daddy. Then she'd leave me to mix it until smooth. I'd also let her pour in the first batch onto the pan (with my help of course), then I'd cook the rest. I'd also let her stir Daddy's coffee (add more hugs and kisses here). That way, she'd feel she participated in the whole process of  preparing and cooking, then  she'd be confident as she tells her daddy that she made him breakfast!


bubbletushable said...

I love the added hugs and kisses! Nice, Bea :)

Growing Up With Bea said...

Thanks Roselle... she loves the whole routine too =)

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