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i am thankful for my daughter...who just turned 3 last month. it took hubby and me almost 5 years before we were blessed with a bundle of joy and we are indeed very thankful for having in our lives. life has been more colorful and meaningful since her arrival...=)

Choosing a cake for Lolo's Birthday

Last Sunday hubby, bea and I went to the nearest Red Ribbon Shop to choose Lolo's cake. Bea was very hands on in the cake-choosing process. She's very excited because she was still in denial, still believed that it's her birthday and not Lolo's.

When she (we) finally decided, (we ordered the smores cake) the waiting began. actually was not really that long, but try telling that to a 3 year old.

At first she was happily waiting on her chair...

...then she started getting bored...

...until our number was called!

and voila! here's the cake!

and here's the little princess with the real birthday celebrator, getting ready to blow the candles from their cake. =) Happy birthday pipits!

November 2008 Nursing (NLE) Board Exam Results

congratulations to the new nurses - november 2008 batch. the results are out now.
click the link to see the complete list of board passers.

November 2008 Nursing (NLE) Board Exam Results

No one else can celebrate their birthdays...when Bea's around

Tomorrow, Sunday, we will be celebrating my dad's birthday. we plan to have a simple get together. we have been telling bea that she should greet her lolo a happy birthday on Sunday. She resisted the idea! she kept on shouting "Di! Bea lang!". when her vocal cords grew tired, i thought she finally conceded, that was until i heard her whispering "Bea lang".

hmmm. she probably thinks she is the only one entitled to a birthday just because we try to celebrate her birthdays the most elaborate way that we can. just because for adults, birthdays are celebrated simply by sharing a meal. it probably doesn't fit her definition of a birthday.

we'll see tomorrow.

Now i know my BDR...

Last Saturday I bought an educational VCD for my daughter, a VCD teaching the alphabet. When I got home, I gave it to her and she got all excited! BDR! BDR! She kept on shouting. I was puzzled. What was she saying? She kept on pointing at the VCD… that’s when in dawned upon me, for some weird reason, she meant ABC. Hehehe… I don’t really know why. Hmmm….
Anyway, I played it and she was attentive for about 2 minutes ( a vast improvement for her!), she got up to the letter E before she started fidgeting with her other toys.
I wonder why she calls the alphabet BDR. Does it sound that way to her? I remember asking her where does daddy work? Dinda (Honda). Where does mommy work? Bimbank (Metrobank) Where does ninang work? BDR (ADB)… oh well… and here comes the clincher… where does Bea work? House! Hehehe =)

project 365 :: 1-5

i know i am a little late in joining the bandwagon, but i am really excited to join. here's my first batch.


for my first picture, our family pic on new year's eve. the little one is now big enough to appreciate celebrations like these.


a typical Filipino New Year's eve. found on our table was a collection of round fruits and tooting horns to welcome the new year and to ward of evil spirits and bad luck.


this is a pic of my daughter showing off her new dora the explorer backpack anAdd Imaged tin can. this year we are planning to send her to school. she is very excited about the idea.


on our office's new year's toast, our boss treated us to a night out at a nearby videoke. i wanted to go home early but no one was allowed to go home unless he/she sang... i surprised myself by actually volunteering! here's a picture of me onstage!

like every new year, i am decided to lose weight, or at least to live a little healthier. i even bought a book to support this resolution of's a page out of that book
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