Bea's Day with the Dinosaurs and a Dinosaur Egg

Last week,  the whole family went to the Telus World of Science Edmonton  (TWOSE)  to visit the Dinosaurs Unearthed Exhibit.  Read about our adventure here..

Digging for Fossils 
Bea had a grand time in the giant sand box where kids can jump right in and use brushes to look for fossils.

Bea's 9th Birthday

Last January,  our princess celebrated her ninth birthday.  It was the  first first time we celebrated Bea's birthday far away from her aunt and her grandfather.  I tried to make it special for her.  I tried setting up a simple celebration the Sunday before her actual birthday.  Too bad though,  her cousins had previous engagements so that plan didn't materialize.

We did the next best thing though,  we made an early morning surprise "party"  for her!

Cold and Cough Medicine for Children

Bea is feeling under the  weather.  It must be the ever-changing weather here in Edmonton,  Alberta.  One day it is warm,  full of sunshine,  the next day it's snowing!  

The other day,  Bea came home with the sniffles.  I just let her drink lots of fluids hoping she can fight off the virus naturally.  After a few days,  her cold is still there plus cough.  Argh.  She also is complaining of a headache.  We had to go to the drug store to purchase a cold and cough medicine.  That's what we miss from the  Philippines,  the usual medicines we are used to.  Since moving here in Canada,  we had no choice but to look for alternatives and adapt.  So we went to Shopper's Drug Mart and browsed through the many choices of medicines in the cough/cold/fever aisle.  Finally,  we decided to get Tylenol Complete for Children.  The bottle said it can relieve stuffy nose, aches and pains,  fever, sore throat pain, dry cough, runny nose and sneezing.  Plus,  it has a bubble gum flavour.  

For Bea's age,  (6 to under 13 years old)  dosage is 10 ml every 4 to 6 hours. But be careful not to give more than 4 doses in a day.  

Hopefully this medication,  plus lots of fluids,  will help my Bea be back to her healthy,  happy self in no time.  

Working on a School Project with Daddy

A few months ago,  Bea came home with a homework to come up with a project showcasing stable shapes,  like cylinders.  Bea decided to make a sheep.  Realizing that this is an arts and crafts project,  and a science project at the same time,  I implored the hubby to take charge.  Between the two of us,  he is the artistic one.  He reluctantly agreed.

Bea and her daddy eagerly started planning for the project.  They decided to use their favourite 3D cartoon show,  Shaun the Sheep as peg.

Bea's Shaun the Sheep

A Mother's Day Gift

Yesterday,  my daughter came home really excited.  She asked me to close my eyes because she had a surprise for me.  I happily obliged.  When I opened my eyes,  I saw this beautiful sight in front of me:

My mother's day surprise 

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