Sunday is Pancake Day

Sundays are special since we have the rare chance to have breakfast together. Although Berto and I love to sleep in, our Bea often wakes up earlier than us and tries to wake me up, reminding me that we will cook pancakes for Daddy. 

We only use the instant pancake mix. I choose the "just add water" kind over the "from scratch" kind anytime. Haha!

I prefer Magnolia Pancake Plus because it has a free pancake syrup included inside the package. There is a choice between traditional maple, chocolate or strawberry. We've tasted all flavors and we ended up liking the Maple Syrup.

It so simple to make, Bea helps me to make them.

Directions in cooking the pancakes:
  • Brush pan or griddle with oil.
  • Preheat pan at medium-high setting.
  • Mix Magnolia Pancake Plus and 2/3 cup water until free from lumps.
  • Pour about 1/8 cup batter onto heated pan.
  • Cook until edges look dry  and bubbles begin to appear. 
  • Turn pancakes over and continue to cook until golden brown.
  • Serve with syrup.

Here is our routine:

I let Bea pour the powder mix and water in the mixing bowl. As I stir, she'd do this elaborate motions of putting in hugs and kisses for daddy. Then she'd leave me to mix it until smooth. I'd also let her pour in the first batch onto the pan (with my help of course), then I'd cook the rest. I'd also let her stir Daddy's coffee (add more hugs and kisses here). That way, she'd feel she participated in the whole process of  preparing and cooking, then  she'd be confident as she tells her daddy that she made him breakfast!

Tips on Getting Your Toddler Ready For His or Her First Haircut

A toddler’s first visit to the salon doesn’t need to be stressful or traumatic. In fact, it should be fun. In fact it can be considered as one of the child’s milestones. I cut my Bea’s hair until she was a toddler. It was when she started getting curious why I go to a salon to have my haircut that I decided it was time for her to get professional hair care.

Here are some tips to prepare your kids for their first trip to the salon:

Let your child know in advance when you intend to go for a haircut. Have a countdown. Mark your calendar with your child’s crayons. Make sure you pass by the salon a few times before actually going. This will familiarize your child to the place.

Be honest and let your child know what exactly will happen at the salon. Don’t tell him or her that you’ll just be going to the park or to his or her favorite fast food. Your child will surely feel betrayed.

Pick your child’s best time. Make sure your child is in the right mood when you go for a haircut. Make sure he or she is fed and rested. Cranky children are not the most cooperative children.

Make sure there is a friendly face there to accompany your child.

Once done, make sure to praise your child for being a good boy/girl, and let them know know better looking they now are with the new haircut. Don’t forget to reward them also with a new toy or a quick snack. If you promised anything before the haircut (a bribe!) make sure you fulfill that promise!

Now start planning your child's first haircut. Good luck!

Baby Blast 3 at the Trinoma Acitivity Center

Following the very successful launch of “Baby Blast: Fun Learning Starts Now” in 2010, and the well received "Baby Blast: Fun Learning Continues" in 2011, we again encourage you to join us in celebrating the wonder of life at its early stages! Recognizing that Early Head Start (EHS) is crucial in the social, intellectual and physical development of children age 0-3 years, EHS advocates, teachers, experts and parents together with their kids, will once again gather onApril 22, 2012, from 10am-7pm at the Trinoma Activity Center.

To continue to bring this advocacy to more parents and educators, and to enlighten existing EHS supporters with the latest developments and methods in early education, “Baby Blast Year 3: It's More Fun in the Family” will highlight entertaining talks on health, parenting and education from experts, parents and teachers, educational material demos, parent and baby exhibits, as well as booths and fun activities!

Take Good Care of Your Eyes

I have been wearing glasses right out of college. When I was still a kid, I discovered my love for reading. Two of my aunts were avid readers, and I had access to lots of books of varied topics. My responsible parents warned me against reading in the dark and while riding in jeepneys. They said it was not good for my eyes. Being the child that i was, I didn't believe them. 

Many, many books and years after, I started getting headaches. My mom took me to an optometrist and she gave me the verdict: I needed glasses. 

The glasses my dear Bea is wearing in the picture is just a prop in our photobooth. She thankfully still have perfect vision (she's just 6 after all). So here's my advice for you dear Bea: Take care of your eyes. Eat lots of vegetables. Though reading is always good, read with proper lighting and steady ground. Learn from mommy's mistake. When I was younger, I though wearing glasses was cool. It's not, mostly it's a hassle. For a time I wore contact lenses because of convenience, until my eyes got irritated. You have beautiful eyes baby, you shouldn't hide them behind eye glasses. 

I hope my Bea is wiser than me and heed this advice. =)

Bea Attended an Angry Birds Themed Party

Last April 9, Araw ng Kagitingan, we spent our afternoon at the Loyola Grand Villa Clubhouse Celebrating my kumare's son's birthday. Sadly, Daddy Berto wasn't able to join us because BK Pixels had a prior commitment, a photo booth rental. 

Anyway, Daddy just dropped us off the venue, and it was just Bea, our new yaya and me. We were a bit late so the party was already in full swing we arrived. As expected, the venue was wonderfully decorated, after all the birthday boy's mom is the Party Planner (Yan-ple's Party Shop). Upon entering we were given a name tag and was made to choose which angry bird is Bea's favorite (red). Apparently they had personalized bagtags as part of the party favors! They also had various food carts, including my favorite Scramble! I actually went to get 4 refills! Haha!

Bea had a wonderful time since she is now 6 and cab actively join the parlor games. In fact, she won in both games she joined! She also won prizes in the ever-present Bring Me Game. I know my Bea had a wonderful time not only because of the prizes but also because she can now also appreciate the magic show by host Wizzo and puppet show by Wanlu. I wasn't able to take pictures of her loots and prizes, but she got a LOT! The kids went crazy when the Angry Bird mascot came to stage and danced for the kids. After a while, kids were allowed to join the Angry Bird onstage for some picture taking. I was one proud mommy when Bea went up on her own and touched the mascot with a wide smile plastered on her face. She has truly gotten over her fear of mascots! 

Daddy picked us up after the party and Bea proudly showed off her prizes and loot bag of goodies. Hopefully Daddy can join us next time! 

Prickly Heat!

As if the summer heat is not enough, I get even more irritated to see Bea scratching her skin so roughly that it turns beet red already. The heat and the perspiration has caused her skin to break out into a full scale prickly heat episode. The other day, on my way home from the office, I just had to drop by the drug store and buy something to help ease the itchiness Bea was feeling. I bought the good old Calamine lotion of my childhood: Caladryl and Johnson's Cooling Baby Powder. I was actually looking for Fissan Powder, the one specifically made for prickly heat, however there were no stock available. I guess my Bea is not alone in her predicament since a lot of other people bought the powder.

I sure hope the heat eases up soon enough. It is just too hot!!!

Ready for Meal time with Lactum Contest

Submission of entries is from March 25 to April 22. This contest is open to parents or guardians of kids aged 37 months to 9 years of age as of contest date. They should Lactum 3+ and 6+ Facebook page. One entry per kid.

Voting starts April 23 to May 4. The top 3 photos will win an iPAD each. 12 runners-up withe the most votes will win Itouch each.

Winners will be notified by May 5, 2012.
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