Biking At The Quezon City Memorial Circle

Bea has been asking (pleading) us to buy her a bike. Blame in on the other kids on our block, they all have their "grown up"bikes... with 2 wheels plus trainer wheels. This has been her Christmas wish... and later on her birthday wish. Hubby had a deal with her, if she stops sucking her thumb while sleeping, he will buy her a bike. Their agreed deadline is her 4th birthday, however that day came and went with her still sucking her thumb to put her to sleep. =)

To keep her from being sad, we decided to go to the park, not only for some fresh air, but also for for Bea to try riding a bike on her own. (we were just trying to see if she can reach the pedals and actually operate the bike on her own. we rented a small bike with side car for her and a big one for hubby and me. This is my first time to ride with hubby... and it was quiet a fun experience! even hubby had a great time! Bea was so proud that she is riding a "grown up" bike at last, although still with the help of her nanny. =)


Forcing your child to go for a time out is a good way to stop a child’s misbehaving. This also allows her to regain her composure. But you can’t just shove your child towards a corner and let her stare at a blank wall, there has to be rules to be set.

CRIBS Foundation, Inc. Marikina City


A loving home and environment for each child.

Compassionate, professional and responsive staff and volunteers who are committed to the caring, healing, recovery and development of abandoned, surrendered, neglected and sexually abused children and their families.
Together, creating opportunities for each other to become whole and empowered instruments for changing their social reality.

She's 4!

How time flies! the little girl turned four years old last month! it seemed only yesterday when she was still trying to learn to walk and talk... now she's running all over the place, with her volume turned all the way up! (learning to control her volume is still a work in progress.)

this year, she chose a minnie mouse theme for her birthday. =)
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