Eye Check Up, Follow-up Treatment From Bea's Dog Bite

Almost a month ago, my daughter was bitten by a dog on the face. We were so distraught. We rushed her to the San Lazaro Hospital. After she was given her anti-rabies and tetanus shots, the doctor advised us to visit an ophthalmologist since Bea can barely open her eye. It kept on tearing up and she said it hurt. When we got out of the San Lazaro Hospital, we went straight to St. Luke’s Medical Center in E. Rodriguez Quezon City. Since it was a Sunday, we just went to the emergency room. While we were there, they tended to her wounds. We kept on asking for special bandages or stitches for her wound, to prevent or at least lessen scarring, but the doctors refused saying that they don’t stitch up dog bites.


We were then referred to the resident Ophthalmologist, Dra. Roque. She was very kind and Bea warmed up to her immediately. She peeked into Bea’s eye. Then the doctor put an orange-colored dye on Bea’s eye and shone a special light on it then there it was… a long gash right across her retina. My heart was broken. The doctor then proceeded to check Bea’s vision, sadly this further confirmed our fear, her right eye had considerable difficulty seeing the letters on the board. The left one had not problems.

The ophthalmologist gave us a prescription for an ointment to put in her eye, this ointment was also to be used on her wounds. Hopefully, her eyes will heal completely. There was a chance of retinal scarring and this will caused blurry vision that will not be corrected even by wearing glasses.  =( We were advised to visit a pediatric ophthalmologist after 7 days.


After a week we came back to SLMC and thankfully there was a pediatric ophthalmologist available. Dr. Marcial was very kind and eager to make Bea comfortable during our visit. He did the usual eye and vision tests. We almost jumped with joy when we heard the good news, the retina was fully healed, and there was no sign of scarring at all! We’ll have to go back in the future for some more tests, he thinks Bea might need glasses, but this was unrelated to her dog bite accident. Thank you Lord!


Heart of Rachel said...

I'm happy to know that Bea's retina has healed well.

Berto and Kwala said...

Hi Rach! We are so blessed that her retina healed. I consider it a miracle really! =)

Anonymous said...

it can't be the retina that was injured but most likely the cornea.The dye used is called flourescein dye and it is used to detect injuries to the cornea.
Cornea injuries tend to heal well, retinal injuries not so and will not heal without a major surgery.
So ask your ophthalmologist if it was actually a corneal injury.

eye check up said...

Thanks for this blogs!

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