Our Little Graduate

Last April 4, our precious Bea graduated from pre-school. Too bad that experience was sullied when my wallet got stolen from my bag but then, we just chose to focus on the good times. =)

Our Bea also got the Most Improved Award. Knowing that Bea did her best to improve her grades, especially in Reading made us so proud of our little princess. Last trime, her teacher talked to us and told us that she needed to practice reading more, that she was a bit behind compared to her other classmates. So we practiced. Bea really did her best, her interest to learn to read better is strong, and her efforts paid off.

It was also announced that in compliance to the K-12 Education System, Bea was going to be accelerated to Grade 2. Yes, she's skipping a year. She turned 7 last January, and according to the new system she's supposed to be in grade 2 already. Her daddy and I are ok with this, however some of her classmates parents were not. A lot of them are transferring their kids to some other school where they will not be forced to attend grade 2. 

Thankfully a window opened for us. The past school year, we have been looking for an academic tutor for Bea. We failed to find one with a schedule that will work. A few days after graduation, I received a text message from her previous teacher, offering to tutor Bea this summer. We grabbed the chance! Teacher L is a very good teacher, someone who is genuinely concerned for Bea. Her rates were a bit steep but I'm sure she's well worth it. =) Hopefully she'd be able to help prepare Bea take the big leap from Kinder to Grade 2.

So far so good...

Thank You Dear Friends!

I woke up this morning to great news... this blog is page ranked! woot woot! Sure it's ranked 1 but this is wonderful news to me! I've had this blog for years. Sure I have not been the most consistent blogger but still,  I put effort in the stuff I write here. Now that my Bea can read simple words, she gets pretty tickled when she sees that she has her own blog. She even gets annoyed when I take pictures of her, she'd say "Mommy don't upload that, my classmates will see!" Hahaha!

Again dear friends, thanks for dropping by our blog. I love sharing our adventures with you. Please continue reading, comments are welcome too!
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