Christmas Book Bazaar

It's your last chance of the year to get your favorite titles at the best prices only at National Book Store! Don't miss the Christmas Book Bazaar on Nov. 19 to 29, 2010 at the Market! Market! Playzone.

Grab your favorite books for as low as P30! Best of all, a portion of the proceeds from the sale will go to the NBS Foundation to help kids start the habit of reading, too.

Do your Christmas shopping early and have big discounts! Kids will love books for Christmas!

Big & Small Company's Big Sale!

Big and Small Company Warehouse Sale
(including Orange Juice, Spin and Havin' a Baby)
Up to 70% off

November 16-20
9:30 am to 6:30 pm
Nutrition Center, 2332 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City

Credit cards are also accepted during the Warehouse Sale.

Call 889-6956 for more information.

Teach Your Children Make Christmas Décor

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Christmas has always been a season for kids and year after year we do our best to make everything memorable for your kids. This year, why not allow them to help with the decorations. Here is a simple project that parents and children can bond over. Allowing them to help with little projects like these help the little ones learn hand and eye coordination.

Kids love doing arts and crafts, why not make this a bonding activity for the whole family?

Crocs and Toys "R" Us Sale this November 2010 by Citibank

Get your sizes, get your children's sizes,
get your friend's sizes!!!
Be ready for the Crocs and Toys "R" Us SALE!!

Crocs & Toys "R" Us Sale. Enjoy up to 80% off on your holiday shopping with Crocs and Toys "R" Us plus other special offers. Simply Present & use your Citibank Credit Card at Whitespace, 2314 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City on November 11 to 14, 2010 from 11am to 9pm.

Invite your friends over and if they don't have a Citi Card. They can apply on site or pay in cash.

**Note: As stated it is opening at 11 AM, but trust me there will be lines as soon as 7AM, so sleep early and prepare for the lines.. bring water and some snacks.

Halloween 2010, an update

Last October 31, Sunday, the whole family went to SM Megamall for the annual trick or treat. This year was definitely a treat for the whole family, since Lolo and Ninang came with us.

This year ,we had trouble in choosing her costume. I was already resigned on just letting her wear her costume last year (Japanese Girl with Umbrella). Thankfully, the night before, I was doing my usual window shopping at the bookstore when I saw a cute little pumpkin outfit, complete with glittery mask. I instantly knew it was perfect for her! All the while I was confident that the size we chose had a few inches allowance on the sides, but to my surprise when she tried it on, it was already snug on the tummy area! My baby girl is definitely growing fast! I also bought a cute spider headband to complete the look. Four years a go, we bought a sturdy plastic pumpkin to hold trick or treat goodies, we just wiped off the accumulated dirt and was ready for this year’s trick or treat.

Anyway, while at the mall, we went through the usual going in and out the stores, greeting them a cheery “trick or treat!” only to be told that all the candies had ran out and apparently they were implementing new rules this year: they designated certain times when they would give candies. It started at 11am and the next one would be at 1pm. That’s when we decided to have lunch first. We had Lolo with us and we thought he’d appreciate the old school menu of Savory Classic. True enough, we all had a hearty lunch. We went on trick or treating right after…

We all had loads of fun, especially with Ninang and Lolo around! Bea got lots of treats and we all went home tired but happy!

Time Zone Sem Break Treat

MECHANICS: Timezone brings you a special promo through its Sem Break Treat! Pay only P150 and get P200 worth of Powercard load offered at any of your favorite Timezone Powercard Stores. Avail of this promo from Oct. 18-24, Oct. 26-28 and Nov. 2-7, not valid in conjunction with other Timezone promotions.

The Benefits of Post Natal Massages

A new mother’s body is going through many physical and hormonal changes. A new mom is often stressed and lacking from a good night’s sleep. This is where massages can come to the rescue. A combination of aromatherapy and lymphatic drainage massage will help you restore your body shape and firm up the skin tissue stretched and strained during the pregnancy. Proper post natal massage will help you regain your body’s tone, firmness and elasticity.

There are several more reasons why post natal massage is good for your body:
• Improves the lymphatic and circulatory system of your body.
• Reduces the stress hormones through released “happy hormones” endorphins.
• Promotes healthy lactation, relaxes mothers so you can produce more milk.
• Aids in the healing of bladder disorders and soreness caused by the birthing

A word of advice for your mothers out there. As much as your whole world is now revolving around the little one, you still need to take care of yourself. Keep your beauty and sanity, a little pampering goes a long, long way!

Contaminated Vegetables

My daughter is still suffering from the ill effects of her GERD. She still has food aversion and is still spoon-fed with milk. Although she is now able to east some solid food, her main source of nutrition is still her milk.

I really want to teach her to east nutritious food, like fruits and vegetables, that's why i was so appalled when i learned that many of todays fruits and vegetables are contaminated. With the many pesticides available to unethical farmers out there, we are not really sure of the fruits and veggies we are serving our family are safe and clean. And mind you, cleaning through running water is sometimes not enough anymore. Read the rest of the article.
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