Bea's Pediatric Check Up for May

last saturday, we went to st luke's for bea's monthly checkup. good thing we were really scheduled that day since bea's was running a slight fever. we left the house just before 4 and arrived there at around past five. it had started to rain. good thing though that we were the next patient already. this is a rare thing since most of the time even if we arrive late, the corridor would be full of waiting kids, moms and dads.

when the pedia weighed her, she told us that instead of gaining weight, bea lost some. bad news for us. last month we were so happy since her weight was already within the normal bracket... and now she's slipped back to being underweight.

we were given new meds again for the vomiting, and the doc changed some of her vitamins. plus now we were to try feeding her upright. (now that's a challenge and so far we have yet to succeed... she's still being force fed through a syringe). i hope the meds will work. she's susceptible to vomiting especially during morning feedings. the doc thinks that her tummy probably produces more acid since during the night there is no food intake. hence the new meds.
she also had her hepa b booster. the fever, accdg to the pedia, was due to her molars still trying to come out. her gums are so swollen already.

after her check up we went to greenhills to take care of some errands. we left bea and nanny maymay in the van for a feeding. after we had dinner at Ling Nam. we all had noodles and siopao. bea was showing no signs of being tired and sleepy, happily walking around the restaurant chatting with the waiters.

went home late, feeling so tired and sleepy... but happy.

Farewell to Summer

sigh, rain drops at last! well actually last night we experience a downpour. that's why i'm home now... feeling sick. i really feel happy when it's raining, as long as i'm already home with my loved ones. i remember having this feeling when we were still living on our own in cainta. sure, the ceiling is dripping, sure it's also raining in our bathroom...but i just love the feeling of being in the comforts of your home, in the arms of someone you love. well, here's saying farewell to summer... and hello typhoon time!

a scrap to remember a summer outing at the La Mesa Ecopark with the family. Bea and her grandfather had a grand time together!
summer with lolo

i dont know yet if bea will learn to love the rain as well... my brave daughter is not afraid of the thunder and lightning as of yet.

i guess this is a good sign.
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