Farewell to Summer

sigh, rain drops at last! well actually last night we experience a downpour. that's why i'm home now... feeling sick. i really feel happy when it's raining, as long as i'm already home with my loved ones. i remember having this feeling when we were still living on our own in cainta. sure, the ceiling is dripping, sure it's also raining in our bathroom...but i just love the feeling of being in the comforts of your home, in the arms of someone you love. well, here's saying farewell to summer... and hello typhoon time!

a scrap to remember a summer outing at the La Mesa Ecopark with the family. Bea and her grandfather had a grand time together!
summer with lolo

i dont know yet if bea will learn to love the rain as well... my brave daughter is not afraid of the thunder and lightning as of yet.

i guess this is a good sign.

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