Bea's Day with the Dinosaurs and a Dinosaur Egg

Last week,  the whole family went to the Telus World of Science Edmonton  (TWOSE)  to visit the Dinosaurs Unearthed Exhibit.  Read about our adventure here..

Digging for Fossils 
Bea had a grand time in the giant sand box where kids can jump right in and use brushes to look for fossils.

Move it,  move it! 
When I asked her which part she liked best about the whole exhibit, she said she loved the part wherd she got to manipulate a Stegasaurus into moving its body parts like the tail,  the neck,  even the tummy!

The gift shop is strategically located near the exit.  We wanted to buy a ref magnet,  but they only had the 3D ones which we didn't like. Bea opted to get a dinosaur egg that "grows"  in water.  It is called Growing Pet Hatch 'Em.

It is a huge egg that you are supposed to submerge in water.  Then after 12-24 hours the egg will hatch.  The photo on top shows the  egg more than 12 hours under water.

Bea was so excited.  She kept on checking on her egg. It actually took more than 24 hours before the dinosaur finally emerged.

Here she is!  Bea named her Orangey for obvious reasons.  Isn't she cute? 

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