Bea's 9th Birthday

Last January,  our princess celebrated her ninth birthday.  It was the  first first time we celebrated Bea's birthday far away from her aunt and her grandfather.  I tried to make it special for her.  I tried setting up a simple celebration the Sunday before her actual birthday.  Too bad though,  her cousins had previous engagements so that plan didn't materialize.

We did the next best thing though,  we made an early morning surprise "party"  for her!

I asked her dad to pick up a simple  red velvet cake at Sobey's and he  immediately hid it in the fridge.  Bea had no clue it was even there. 

The next morning,  as Bea was eating her breakfast,  her dad walked in carrying the cake with all  nine candles lit.  We were singing "Happy Birthday"  as he brought the cake to the table.  It was very clear that Bea was overwhelmed!  The surprise was a success!

I also bought some cupcakes for her to bring to school and daycare.  I had to ask permission prior to this day (secret from Bea of course).  Both the school and the daycare require only store-bought pastries,  so that they're sure that the  cupcakes are peanut-free.  That is one thing we found out about kids born here in Canada,  they are prone to allergies,  especially peanuts.

After school,  we had a simple dinner where we sang to our princess again.  We also had KFC,  Bea's favourite fried chicken,  and spaghetti.  

Time is flying so fast!  Bea is now 9 years old,  in a few years she would be a teenager,  scary!  Haha. From the horror stories I hear about having a teenager in the house,  I'm really dreading that time.  Any tips? 

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