bea loves shopping

because of bea's long overdue growth spurt, we've had to go shopping for some new clothes for the little girl since most of her clothes don't fit her anymore. while looking around for some stuff, bea saw this toy bag with stroller and begun lugging it around where ever she went. she kept on saying "bea, kool" (bea school) as she goes through the different clothes. so kikay!

after a while, she decided that she wants the toy bag, so she loaded it, on her own, to her stroller! i found it so cute, and i wanted to buy the toy stroller for her, but it costs P300! i mean for a plastic bag with pretend food inside, that's just too much. i know what will eventually happen to it anyway, it will suffer the same fate as her other toys. it will either end up strewn all over the floor, or dumped in our tambakan, forgotten after giving her joy for a couple of minutes. no, i stood firm. we didn't buy it, we bought her some clothes instead.

after a while, she remembered her toy, and started looking for it. then she began whining, and crying... i told her that the bag got dirty and a salesman was just cleaning it up... after a while she calmed down and eventually forgot about it. whew!


alpha said...

uy karen, added ko na 2 blogs mo sa lahat ng blogs ko.. 4 na pala ang blogs ko. eto yung newest

ang taba na ni bea no?

Ari from said...

That's such a sweet picture ... your daughter looks adorable.

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