our morning ritual

poor bea has got the sniffles. blame it on the weird weather that we've been having. this is too bad because we had to break our regular morning routine for fear of aggravating her condition... you see, for a while now, we have this sort of morning ritual. bea is in that stage where whenever her daddy and i leave for the office, she insists on coming along, to the point of crying! so we decided that every morning we will let her ride in the car with us and we'd go around a couple of blocks in our subdivision, by the time we get to the guard house her nanny would be waiting for her. she'd willingly get off the car waving enthusiastically at us... that's enough to make her day.

we'd pass by some chicken and bea would wave at them and say "bye bye iken" (chicken), then we'd pass by a cat and she'd say "bye bye cat". then she'd proceed to quiz us, "anto?", "nyan?" (ano to? ano yan?) pointing at anything that catches her fancy. the funny thing is that she actually remembers where everyone is supposed to be because one time when we passed by the vacant lot where we usually some chicken,but at that time there weren't any since it was raining... bea said "no-no iken, mo mor" (no chicken, no more) hahaha... sharp memory!
the short trip we take every day is meant to make our bea happy, but guess what, it makes our day too!

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