My Little Zombie

A few more days to go and still to halloween costume for our Bea. The original plan to have a Kill Bill costume made did not push through. We couldn't find a tailor to do it for us, every body is too busy to take our order. Too bad, her daddy already bough a fake sword with her costume. I guess we'll just have to improvise.

Maybe she can just go trick or treating wearing this mask....Isn't she just the cutest little zombie? =)

Tips on Finding The Right Pediatrician

I remember when our little Bea was just an itsy bitsy baby, we had trouble looking for the right pediatrician. We knew we had to look for someone we would trust with our daughter’s health. I remember we had to go through 3 doctors before we finally found the right pediatrician for her. We were getting really frustrated because no doctor could address her feeding problem, they just attributed it to the milk and they just kept of changing her milk from S26 to a hypoallergenic brand to soya milk… to no avail. Finally, we decided to just go to St. Luke’s Medical Center in QC, looked at the doctor’s directory and randomly chose the first available doctor who had a Saturday clinic (hubby and I are both working). Of course, I also asked for divine guidance, because we had no other choice…we had to find a pediatrician as soon as possible. I just prayed that we be guided to the right one. Guess what, our prayers were answered! We found the best pediatrician who cared enough for our Bea to really try and figure out what we do to ease her feeding problems (acid reflux and food aversion).

Thankfully there is this article, Tips on Finding the Right Pediatrician that can hopefully help other parents out there to choose the perfect pediatrician for their children.

Halloween Events For Kids 2010

You are invited to the 1st Halloween Costume Party of Big Red Barn.

The party is part of our Howl-O-Weekend celebration in Fun Ranch. Ticket prices are Php450.00/child and Php200.00 per adult. Child tickets include a free Ride All You Can wristband, snacks, food cart treats and access to all games, sampling booths, ...loot bag and party activities. Adult tickets include snacks, food cart treats and access to all games, sampling booths and party activities. Tickets are now on sale at our ground floor ticket booth. Limited to 150 kids.

Opens for all Fashionista Kids out there! Be Fab! Get Noticed! at SM Makati
Tel no. 892-0842

Enjoy a fun-filled day with various tricks and treats at the Araneta Center!

Registration is now open to kids aged 5-12 years old. Just drop by the concierge of Gateway or Ali Mall to fill out the form, or send in the following to

- Child's name
- Age
...- Parent's Name
- Home Address
- E-mail Address
- Contact Number
- Mall (Gateway or Ali Mall)
- Will join the trick or treat (Yes or No)
- Will join the costume contest (Yes or No)

Schedule of Activities in Gateway:
10:00 - 12:00: McDonald's Halloween Event
1:00 - 2:00: Dairy Queen Fright Delights
2:00 - 3:30: Trick-or-Treat around the Mall
3:30 - 4:00: Spooky Games
4:00 - 4:30: Plants vs. Zombies Costume Contest
4:30 - 5:00: Magic Show
5:00 - 5:30: More Spooky Games

Schedule of Activities in Ali Mall:
10:00 -11:00: Spooky Games
11:00 - 12:00: Dairy Queen Fright Delights
1:00 - 2:00: Jollibee Halloween Event
2:00 - 3:30: Trick-or-Treat around the Mall
3:30 - 4:00: Spooky Games
4:00 - 4:30: Plants vs. Zombies Costume Contest
4:30 - 5:00: Magic Show
5:00 - 5:30: More Spooky Games

Participants can also have their pictures taken and printed for FREE at the Zombie Paparazzi Wall, join the PvZ Tournament and mingle with our Zombie mascots. Cool prizes are up for grabs, register now!

Get Ready for a marvelous monstrous carnival!

FREE 1 ticket for every purchase of PHP1000 of any toy at Toy Kingdom and Toy Kingdom Express Store.
One ticket is good for two persons.
Date: Oct. 31, 2010

Check out our spoooooky-fun halloween party!
Sunday, Oct 31 at SM Makati, The Podium and the SM Mall of Asia
Spend a minimum of Php500 at Toy Kingdom for a ticket to our pumpkin-rific Halooween bash!

Halloween is Drawing Near

Halloween is fast approaching. I wonder what Bea’s costume will be this year. In the previous years she went trick or treating as a fairy princess, a witch, a Japanese girl…I’m thinking of buying her a costume but I would rather choose a cutie costume rather than a scary one ( Malls are teeming with scary costumes of vampires and monsters). Maybe she can come as a pirate, a super hero or a Disney princess.

She’s already excited and keeps on saying that she will be trick or treating soon.

Hubby wants to go all out and have a yellow track suit made for her, similar to the one I had made when I went to a costume party as The Bride from Kill Bill. I still have the sword at home.

We’ll see.

Money. Money. Money.

Recently, the entrepreneurial bug has bitten our daughter Bea. Her ninang (godmother) gave her a toy cash register complete with play money. She is enjoying this plaything so much that she has decided to become a mafia/mob boss of sorts in our home. She’d block the door and refused to let us pass until we pay her some pretend money. She also holds impromptu garage sales with her toys, sometimes with my stuff. The scene usually goes like this:

Mommy: How much is this? (holding up a toy giraffe)

Bea: Eight thousand!

Mommy: That’s too expensive. Don’t you have anything cheaper?

Bea: (holds up a toy cup) this.

Mommy: Ok. How much is this cup?

Bea: Eight thousand!


Oh well.

A trip to the Hospital and a CBC blood test

Last month, we had to go to St. Luke's Medical Center QC because Bea was suffering with high fever and loose bowel movement. We were extra paranoid because these past few months the cases of Dengue Fever were through the roof! Although the disease strikes all ages, children were especially susceptible. The doctor decided to monitor the little one's platelet count through a blood test called the complete blood count or the CBC just to rule out Dengue Fever.

Although this was already the second time that Bea experienced this blood test, the first time was when she was still a wee baby, so she doesn't remember anymore. I was so proud of her when the doctor pricked her finger, she put on her brave face and barely reacted... although i could see fear in her eyes...Thankfully the pediatrician said it was only flu. (sadly, we were remiss with Bea's annual flu shot this year). Note to self: update Bea's flu immunization shots!

Bea and her Homework

Bea started attending nursery class last June, and she just loves every minute of it! It has made her feel really grown up, especially whenever she brings homework from school. This makes her feel like a “real student” and all grown up. The only problem, is as much as I would love to spend time with her and explain her lessons to her patiently, we had troubles with time constraints.

Bea sleeps early. This is something she’s been used to even as a baby (plus I’ve always doubted this as her yaya’s ploy so she can watch her prime time telenovelas early). My daughter is off to dreamland by 7:30pm. The earliest time hubby and I can arrive home is 8:00pm.So we had no choice but to do her homework in the morning. The only problem is hubby and I also had to rush to get to work in the morning, and that leaves me only 15-30 minutes to sit with my Bea and help her do her homework. It’s ok if she only has to do 1 subject, but lately she’s bringing home 2-3 home works a day with tasks varying from coloring, cutting, writing etc. This just won’t do. We had to rush doing everything. I’m not even sure whether Bea absorbed her lessons, plus I’m not as patient with her as I want to be since I keep on looking at the time, fearing I’d be late to work..

So hubby and I decided to change our strategy, we will do her homework when we get home. For two weeks now, I’ve instructed our yaya to let Bea stay up and wait for us at night. At first she kept on yawning and her eyes were all droopy, but after a few days she adjusted and was back to being her usual bubbly self again. I admire her enthusiasm in making her homework! Now we are able to do her homework at a more relaxed pace and I don’t have to rush her whenever she has to practice writing her letters or color different pictures. I can be more patient with her when she answers incorrectly. More importantly, after doing her assignments, we now have the chance to tuck her in bed, kiss her goodnight and say her night prayers with her.

Less stress, more learning. Less rush, more bonding. I guess the new strategy works! =)

Join the Search for Enfant Funny Baby 2010

Do you know any cute babies? You've captured that special moment, your children are uniquely beautiful and you want to share them with the world! Why not take a chance on winning great prizes in our online baby photo contest. For more inquiries, please email

How to Join

Contest is open to all babies ages 3 months to 18 months at the time of registration.

Application forms can be obtained at any Enfant branches and concessionaires. The form can also be downloaded from our website or .

Minimum purchase of P2,000.00 (single or accumulated within the promo period) of any Enfant products except teethers, pacifiers, nipples and feeding bottles in any outlets qualifies your baby to join the contest.

2 winners (1 boy and 1 girl) will be chosen every 2 months from among all outlets and 1 grand winner will be chosen from among the winners.


12 Winners (1 boy and 1 girl every 2 months)
- P 5,000.00 worth of Enfant Gift Certificates
- Pictures posted at all Enfant Branches, website and online network sites

Grand Winner
- P 30,000.00 Cash
- P 10,000.00 worth of Enfant Gift Certificates
- Pictures Posted at all Enfant Branches, website and online network sites
- Announcement at newspapers and magazines
- Chance to be the image model of Enfant

click here for more details.

Power of Praise and Affirmation

I often watch my Bea as she goes about her daily routine. When I see something I don’t like, I don’t hesitate to tell her ‘no” and to correct her wrong doing. Like me, well-meaning parents grab every chance to teach their children good behavior. I think our children actually don’t mind that we reprimand or correct them, what irks them is that we give the same sermon repeatedly. Yep, we don’t notice that we have developed the tendency to nag…

If only we don’t spend all our time in reprimanding our kids. We should be reminded that when a child lives in criticism, hostility and fear, he learns to live with doubt in himself. When all we notice about his actions are the bad ones, this will definitely affect his self esteem.

We shouldn’t only be conscious of correcting their bad behavior; we should also do our best to encourage and reinforce their confidence and self-belief. Often, parents are on the look out for bad conduct so we can correct it, when in fact we should be spending our time in looking for good behavior so that we can reinforce those. Hey, isn’t that a great idea? Why not nag them into self confidence and independence!

Start now. Spend time watching out for good deeds. Our children NEED praise and affirmation. =)

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