Tips on Finding The Right Pediatrician

I remember when our little Bea was just an itsy bitsy baby, we had trouble looking for the right pediatrician. We knew we had to look for someone we would trust with our daughter’s health. I remember we had to go through 3 doctors before we finally found the right pediatrician for her. We were getting really frustrated because no doctor could address her feeding problem, they just attributed it to the milk and they just kept of changing her milk from S26 to a hypoallergenic brand to soya milk… to no avail. Finally, we decided to just go to St. Luke’s Medical Center in QC, looked at the doctor’s directory and randomly chose the first available doctor who had a Saturday clinic (hubby and I are both working). Of course, I also asked for divine guidance, because we had no other choice…we had to find a pediatrician as soon as possible. I just prayed that we be guided to the right one. Guess what, our prayers were answered! We found the best pediatrician who cared enough for our Bea to really try and figure out what we do to ease her feeding problems (acid reflux and food aversion).

Thankfully there is this article, Tips on Finding the Right Pediatrician that can hopefully help other parents out there to choose the perfect pediatrician for their children.

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