A trip to the Hospital and a CBC blood test

Last month, we had to go to St. Luke's Medical Center QC because Bea was suffering with high fever and loose bowel movement. We were extra paranoid because these past few months the cases of Dengue Fever were through the roof! Although the disease strikes all ages, children were especially susceptible. The doctor decided to monitor the little one's platelet count through a blood test called the complete blood count or the CBC just to rule out Dengue Fever.

Although this was already the second time that Bea experienced this blood test, the first time was when she was still a wee baby, so she doesn't remember anymore. I was so proud of her when the doctor pricked her finger, she put on her brave face and barely reacted... although i could see fear in her eyes...Thankfully the pediatrician said it was only flu. (sadly, we were remiss with Bea's annual flu shot this year). Note to self: update Bea's flu immunization shots!

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