Power of Praise and Affirmation

I often watch my Bea as she goes about her daily routine. When I see something I don’t like, I don’t hesitate to tell her ‘no” and to correct her wrong doing. Like me, well-meaning parents grab every chance to teach their children good behavior. I think our children actually don’t mind that we reprimand or correct them, what irks them is that we give the same sermon repeatedly. Yep, we don’t notice that we have developed the tendency to nag…

If only we don’t spend all our time in reprimanding our kids. We should be reminded that when a child lives in criticism, hostility and fear, he learns to live with doubt in himself. When all we notice about his actions are the bad ones, this will definitely affect his self esteem.

We shouldn’t only be conscious of correcting their bad behavior; we should also do our best to encourage and reinforce their confidence and self-belief. Often, parents are on the look out for bad conduct so we can correct it, when in fact we should be spending our time in looking for good behavior so that we can reinforce those. Hey, isn’t that a great idea? Why not nag them into self confidence and independence!

Start now. Spend time watching out for good deeds. Our children NEED praise and affirmation. =)

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