Bea and her Homework

Bea started attending nursery class last June, and she just loves every minute of it! It has made her feel really grown up, especially whenever she brings homework from school. This makes her feel like a “real student” and all grown up. The only problem, is as much as I would love to spend time with her and explain her lessons to her patiently, we had troubles with time constraints.

Bea sleeps early. This is something she’s been used to even as a baby (plus I’ve always doubted this as her yaya’s ploy so she can watch her prime time telenovelas early). My daughter is off to dreamland by 7:30pm. The earliest time hubby and I can arrive home is 8:00pm.So we had no choice but to do her homework in the morning. The only problem is hubby and I also had to rush to get to work in the morning, and that leaves me only 15-30 minutes to sit with my Bea and help her do her homework. It’s ok if she only has to do 1 subject, but lately she’s bringing home 2-3 home works a day with tasks varying from coloring, cutting, writing etc. This just won’t do. We had to rush doing everything. I’m not even sure whether Bea absorbed her lessons, plus I’m not as patient with her as I want to be since I keep on looking at the time, fearing I’d be late to work..

So hubby and I decided to change our strategy, we will do her homework when we get home. For two weeks now, I’ve instructed our yaya to let Bea stay up and wait for us at night. At first she kept on yawning and her eyes were all droopy, but after a few days she adjusted and was back to being her usual bubbly self again. I admire her enthusiasm in making her homework! Now we are able to do her homework at a more relaxed pace and I don’t have to rush her whenever she has to practice writing her letters or color different pictures. I can be more patient with her when she answers incorrectly. More importantly, after doing her assignments, we now have the chance to tuck her in bed, kiss her goodnight and say her night prayers with her.

Less stress, more learning. Less rush, more bonding. I guess the new strategy works! =)

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