Bea's First School Presentation

December 18, 2009 was a date to remember. It was our daughter’s first school presentation! A few weeks before, Bea’s teacher called for a meeting. They discussed that there will be a gift giving celebration. It’s an event where parents are asked to give gifts (anything from clothes, toys or food) and the teachers will be inviting less-fortunate children and our children will be the ones to give the collected gifts to the unfortunate kids. Hubby and I decided to give away spongebob toothbrushes and towelettes, plus tooth paste. I know, I know, we got a little carried away. It was a bit expensive, but we thought the kids would truly love this… a treat for most of them since I knew most of them don’t even a simple toothbrush, let alone a cutie one. Hehehe. Besides, I was sure the other parents will have the usual noodles and canned goods covered.

Apparently it was an annual activity of the school and they have it near Christmas time, and as part of the celebration, the kids will be preparing a presentation, per level. The nursery class where Bea belonged was tasked to dance. They even had red and green pompoms as props. Being the eager first-time stage parents that we were, we stayed up late into the night cutting up red and green strips of plastic that we fashioned into pompoms. (I couldn’t find ready made ones with the correct color).
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