Bea Argues with Tiger

My daughter is seen here in midst of a heated argument with... her toy tiger. Apparently her tiger won't drink his milk and she is seen here explaining to Tiger why he should drink his milk: how he needs his milk to grow strong and healthy and tall. Notice how she is giving Tiger the evil eye, just the like the way mommy does... hehehe.

She just loves acting as mommy to her toys. She is so grown up!

Acid Reflux and Bea

last monday we went for bea's scheduled upper GI xray and it was confirmed that she had reflux problems. she was made to lie down and daddy fed her with milk mixed with barium. we can see the milk as it goes down to her tummy. she was made to lie on her back, then on her side. so far so good. she drank the milk with little resistance, probably coz she's had nothing to eat or drink for the last 4 hours, a requirement for this test. then the docs just observed her, after 5 minutes, we saw clearly in the monitor her milk slowly coming back up her esophagus. hay, no wonder she keeps on throwing up. we also had her blood checked as per instructions of her pedia.

the following day we went to the pedia gastro, and she told us that according to her initial check up with bea, her motor skills has no problem. they had to rule this out since this could mean weak muscles of the digestive tract. she also said that bea's development was at par with others. she advised us to stop feeding her through a syringe, and try feeding her in a cup instead, this can help with her reflux since she will be feeding in an upright position. she insisted on us being consistent. she also upped bea's meds: motilium and omepron. plus she asked our pedia to refer us to an occupational therapist who will help re-train bea to eat, suck, chew and swallow again. the therapist will also be able to diagnose if bea has a swallowing problem. the only problem is that no therapist has clinic hours on saturdays, meaning, absent na naman.

the docs were quite honest with us. they said this will be a long process. and i bet quite an expensive one too. oh well, i just hold on one thought: God will provide.

update: we've been trying to feed her in a cup for 2 days now, more milk spillage. less milk drank. still with vomiting. currently running a fever. my boss reminded me no more absences, at least for the next two weeks... problems just keep on pilin' up.

i hold on to one thought: God will provide solutions and answers... in His time.

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Wanting to have a Pick Up Truck

There are times when out of the blue, my husband blurts out that he wants a pickup truck. He says this vehicle is perfect for the times when we’d go on vacation with the little girl. I’d always answer him that there’s no way a pick up truck will ever work for our family because when we go out, we bring tons of stuff with us, and there is just no room for our stuff in a pick up truck. He’d still have a solution to this: tonneau cover. This is the truck bed cover that is available in varied styles and designs. Apparently, these covers will enhance not only the way your pick up looks like, they will improve the truck’s performance as well.

Ok, I’m sold. Maybe someday we’d save enough money for a pickup truck, but until then our trusty old car will have to do.

The Day Our Nanny Went Missing Part 1

One Friday morning, we were busy getting ready for work when we received a text message from our nanny that she will not be coming to work. My husband and I looked at each other blankly. “Now what?” We couldn’t just leave our daughter at home with her grand father; he’ll be too stressed out. Both my husband and I have pending things to do at the office and we just couldn’t go on leave. We had no other choice but to bring Bea with us to the office.

On our way, we were discussing whether who will take Bea to the office. We decided that I would just drop by my office to submit my pending report then we’d head on over to hubby’s office where I will take care of our daughter, while hubby goes about his day.

This is a great idea, theoretically, but an entirely different matter in reality. My daughter’s feeding problem has been the primary source of tension in our family. My patience can only be stretched so much. My daughter and I often have shouting matches about this. Why can’t she just open her mouth and drink her milk? At four years old, milk is still her primary source of nutrition and she is still not taking it willingly.

The moment of truth: Breakfast. I fixed her milk and started to feed her…. To no avail. She kept on protesting, her arms flailing up and down, side to side, preventing the milk from reaching her mouth. And then it happened… miracles of miracles, my Bea simply said “ara (kutsara) na lang Mommy” (let’s just use the spoon Mommy).

I started scooping the milk, and she opened her mouth willingly! OMG! We finished our

glass within 30 minutes. (We used to spend 3 hours to down 1 glass, and sometimes we can’t even finish everything). This day made me believe that prayers can truly move mountains! Everybody has been praying for our Bea to get over her feeding problem, or at least for our feeding sessions to stop being the battle it often is. Thank you Lord!

Though this day started off at the wrong foot, it is slowly becoming one of the best days of my life…

To be continued…

Bonding Moments with My Sister and Daughter

Last saturday, DS, Bea, the nanny and I jumped in DS's car and went off to the mall. yep, just us was actually my sis' post birthday celebration. we went to robinsons metro east. we brought the little girl's stroller along because she is getting too heavy to carry, plus it is a way to keep her in one place. the funny thing is that i don't really know how to maneuver the thing! shameful i know! it has always been daddy's job to "drive" the stroller. It's shameful I know, but don't know how to manuever my daughter's stroller. i had a hard time in getting down the escalators. they were laughing at me because they said that as i was holding bea's stroller on the escalator, she held her hands together and started praying! hahaha!!!

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