Bonding Moments with My Sister and Daughter

Last saturday, DS, Bea, the nanny and I jumped in DS's car and went off to the mall. yep, just us was actually my sis' post birthday celebration. we went to robinsons metro east. we brought the little girl's stroller along because she is getting too heavy to carry, plus it is a way to keep her in one place. the funny thing is that i don't really know how to maneuver the thing! shameful i know! it has always been daddy's job to "drive" the stroller. It's shameful I know, but don't know how to manuever my daughter's stroller. i had a hard time in getting down the escalators. they were laughing at me because they said that as i was holding bea's stroller on the escalator, she held her hands together and started praying! hahaha!!!

Post transferred from my other blog dated 8/28/08

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