Acid Reflux and Bea

last monday we went for bea's scheduled upper GI xray and it was confirmed that she had reflux problems. she was made to lie down and daddy fed her with milk mixed with barium. we can see the milk as it goes down to her tummy. she was made to lie on her back, then on her side. so far so good. she drank the milk with little resistance, probably coz she's had nothing to eat or drink for the last 4 hours, a requirement for this test. then the docs just observed her, after 5 minutes, we saw clearly in the monitor her milk slowly coming back up her esophagus. hay, no wonder she keeps on throwing up. we also had her blood checked as per instructions of her pedia.

the following day we went to the pedia gastro, and she told us that according to her initial check up with bea, her motor skills has no problem. they had to rule this out since this could mean weak muscles of the digestive tract. she also said that bea's development was at par with others. she advised us to stop feeding her through a syringe, and try feeding her in a cup instead, this can help with her reflux since she will be feeding in an upright position. she insisted on us being consistent. she also upped bea's meds: motilium and omepron. plus she asked our pedia to refer us to an occupational therapist who will help re-train bea to eat, suck, chew and swallow again. the therapist will also be able to diagnose if bea has a swallowing problem. the only problem is that no therapist has clinic hours on saturdays, meaning, absent na naman.

the docs were quite honest with us. they said this will be a long process. and i bet quite an expensive one too. oh well, i just hold on one thought: God will provide.

update: we've been trying to feed her in a cup for 2 days now, more milk spillage. less milk drank. still with vomiting. currently running a fever. my boss reminded me no more absences, at least for the next two weeks... problems just keep on pilin' up.

i hold on to one thought: God will provide solutions and answers... in His time.

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Reposted from my other blog. Original entry posted on 6/28/07

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