well, the holiday season is over and we are now reeling at its after-effects. I am feeling slightly guilty because we seemed to have opened our daughter’s eyes to materialism. Being parents, I think it is only natural to want to give everything you can possibly can to your child, but now bea’s eyes really glows whenever she gets a glimpse of gift wrapper. She says:”gifffft!” (she simply loves pronouncing the letter F)

Before the holidays, I had a PLAN. I planned on giving her only one gift, one that is useful and that will surely last. This was how our parents raised us, no cutie toys for Christmas, only clothes or shoes that will surely be used the whole year through. This taught us never to expect so much, to appreciate what you have and to be practical. That was the plan…but I just couldn’t resist. I bought her many “cheapy” stuff! I got her squeaky toys, shoes, t-shirts etc., nothing expensive though, I just wanted her to experience the joy of unwrapping her many presents. Just watching her open her gifts made me just as excited. I wanted her to have what I didn’t have as a child… in short, THE PLAN failed! Argh!

Ok, next year I will try to resist, and stick to the plan… *fingers crossed* =)

Welcome 2009!

newyear09 (31)

Here's our pic while enjoying the little one's first sparkler. we definitely had a grand time! it's great now that the little one can appreciate and celebrate the holidays with the whole family! here's to better times ahead! Happy New Year everyone!
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