Bea's Check Up With The Pediatrician

earlier this afternoon we went to st luke's for bea's monthly checkup. good news, she gained half a kilo. yehey! not bad for a baby who doesnt suck on her bottle for milk and just wont take in anything solid, plus would vomit the little food that goes into her system every now and again. she also had her MMR immunization shots.

we arrived at around 5pm. we had to wait for some while since there were still 4 kids ahead in line. while waiting bea wanted to practice her walking skills. she walked along the corridor then daddy would practice her standing up with out holding on to anything. (she's 1 yr and 3 months and still not walking yet... though the pedia assured us this was nothing to worry about and that she's just setting her own pace.) while inside the doc's office, bea was given a bread stick and we were s happy the she grasped this bread stick eagerly and sucked on it. later , she was already chewing on it. she was eating on her own! another milestone! i'm so proud of my li'l girl today! she's growing up... definitely. urgh! bittersweet!

The Little One Broke Her First Figurine

bea broke her first figurine today. a milestone of some sort i guess. it was a magnetic picture frame with a bunny figurine (thanks tita pinky) smiling at everyone who ventures a look at our pictures. it held memorable pics from bea's baptism. earlier this morning, bea was doing her usual rounds in our sala, touching and knocking over things when she chanced upon the poor bunny. she happily held its head and shook it about. its head and a part of its arm fell off. the innocent little angel then went on to pick the broken piece up and kissed its bunny nose (awwww...)

i guess i better prepare myself. ( i better warn my housemates as well!) with her kalikutan... i'm sure this is the first of many more... haaay.
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