Happy New Year, Happy New Life

Happy New Year! This is my first post for the year, yey me! Today is the first working day of 2013, yet I am still at home, wearing my night clothes tapping on my laptop. Why? Because I have finally done it, I have finally taken the leap from corporate slave to... Work at Home Mom! 

After moaning and ranting about my predicament for years, I have finally done it. Well it doesn't actually happens for two more weeks but I'm already on terminal leave so it's all good. 

On my first day as a WAHM, I am so excited, I woke up early, after being up so late because I couldn't sleep... because I was so excited. Stupid, I know. Anyway, good thing I woke up early because I was able to do my daily devotional reading and journaling plus 30 minutes on my exercise bike. I also got to sit down for breakfast for a change. Did I mention that I was excited about my new life? hehehe...

On my first day though I realize that for my day to be productive, I need to set a routine. I still sometimes have an employee's mentality and think that today is just a no-work day and that I can stay on the the bed all day and it would be ok. If I let this happen, I'd be less of a WAHM and more of a bum.

I need to schedule in time for my daughter, my errands, my blogging, my online work, stuff to do for the business, household chores, time with the hubby and of course me time. I need to focus on being a better mother to my daughter, after all she is the reason I am doing this. Motherhood is the priority.

So my first order of business is to set a routine and manage my time.

Will keep you guys posted.
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