Bea at the WPPP Photo Congress 2013

June was a very busy month for the hubby. It is birth month, his wedding photography group, the WPPP,  launched their annual Photo Congress in Megamall, they also had their (post) summer outing in Baler and lastly he attended the Advanced Wedding Seminar by master photographer Lito Sy. Imagine his frustration when our nanny had to go on leave because of an illness. (read about it here)

Hubby had a lot of important assigments in the photo congress, and I was a delegate, which meant I paid a significant fee to be able to attend the seminars given by known people in the photography and video industry. We just couldn't miss this 3 day event, nanny or no nanny.

On the first day, we had no other choice but to bring Bea along to Megamall. She had lots of fun, seeing daddy at work, and seeing his photograph exhibited. I lent her my camera and let her take pictures, just so she can feel she belongs. =)

It was a very tiring day, but we enjoyed it. We hope to share this passion with her. Hopefully she develops her eye for composing good photographs and develop her own skills. =) Who knows, she may join us in our photography gigs soon! =)

Accelerated Because of K-12 Educational System

Last summer, Bea graduated from kindergarten from her school. Last June, she started going to school as a grade two student. Yes, she skipped grade one. Thanks, or no thanks to the K-12 educational system. Apparently, in the new system the child's age is critical. Grade one students should now be six years old unlike before when they should be seven years old. Since Bea celebrated her 7th birthday early this year, technically she should already be in grade two.

This school year, her school implemented a one time acceleration for their students. Bea and her classmates who are already seven or will turn seven within the year were accelerated to grade two, while those who are just six will go on as grade one students.

When we heard this announcement, we weren't quite sure if we like it or not. Sure, we'd be saving one year's worth of tuition fee but we are concerned about whether our daughter's skills are enough to tackle advanced lessons. We weren't alone in this concern, in fact a lot of parents decided to transfer their children to other schools where they will not be forced to skip a grade. Just before enrollment, the school called on the parents to inform us that we are not actually forced to skip a grade, we can choose to enroll our daughter as grade one or grade two. It's entirely up to us.  Obviously its a last ditch effort to prevent even more students from transferring.

We chose to let Bea stay on. She went through assessments set by the government and the school. She passed. She attended summer classes. Her guidance counselor assured us that she will do just fine. We chose to trust her.

It has been almost a month since Bea started 2nd grade. So far so good. =)
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