Cooking It Up With Daddy

Sunday is a special day for every family. for us especially since this is the only day we are together, since hubby has work even on a saturday. every sunday, as a treat to us, hubby handles the cooking for lunch. =) last sunday, i requested for chicken sinigang.

Bea is at that stage where she is interested in everything grown ups are doing. she just loves being assigned a task. her fave assignment nowadays is preparing our iced tea. "Pimpla Iced Tea Bea" (Timpla Iced Tea si Bea) she was thrilled when we propped her on a chair and allowed her to "prepare" daddy's ingredients.

Here she is "cooking"...and another one with daddy in the background doing the real cookiAdd Imageng:

By the way, the chicken sinigang turned out really yummy!


Kaje said...

wow, chef in the making! :)

thanks for the visit karen!

Jessica de Mesa, RN. said...

Bea is adorable :)

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