Family Bonding over Disney Pixar's Brave and Musicals

The best part of being a WAHM is the chance to spend quality time with my daughter. Recently hubby and I started watching movies with her. When she was younger, we didn’t do this because we felt she wasn’t ready yet. Her attention span was just too short and she would ask so many (irritating) questions. Who is that? Why is she doing that? Where does she go to school? What section is she in? Who are her playmates? Argh!  

One day, I decided to let her watch Pixar’s animated movie Brave. I read somewhere that this is a must-watch for mothers and daughters. 

Merida with mom Elinor
A few minutes into the movie, the questions started. I was beginning to be irritated again when I realized they were actually relevant questions. Why are they out? Is it her birthday? Why is the bear mad? Why is Brave (Merida) sad? That was when I realized that she understands the movie and can now follow the story flow. Happiness! One more activity we can bond over as a family!

Happy Family
I don’t think Bea has absorbed Brave’s life lessons, but that’s ok. Spending time and doing one of my most favorite things with her is enough for now. Maybe reading next? *wishing and hoping*

Since then, Berto, Bea and I have been watching more movies together. Lately, due to the Les Miserables mania, we have been into musicals. Bea loooves Phantom of the Opera, however instead of singing Christine’s parts she prefers to sing the Phantom’s songs. Oh well…

Phantom of the Opera

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