sunday afternoon...

after lunch, Bea was already excited, she knew we were going out!

she wasn't able to sleep until we left for the mall. probably she was afraid she'd be left behind. when she heard daddy start the van, she was so excited, wanting to get in immediately. =) while on the way to the mall, she kept on babbling "beabeabeabea"... a little narcissistic i know, but heck, she's just a baby! =)

when we got to the mall, daddy bought bea the toy of her dreams... a little barney doll that sings whenever its tummy is pressed. Bea was ecstatic!

we also let her try those rides where you put in a token and the ride will move for SECONDS. hehehe. little bea was so enthralled with the first ride, a jeep! like daddy, like baby, she liked the idea of driving, although on the second time, she lost interest already and wanted to get off. then daddy put her on the ride where the seat is attached to a big wheel that goes round... on this ride she got afraid. too bad.

then we let her and yaya play in My Playroom, she was again so excited, there were so many toys!

by the time we got home, bea was so tired that she fell asleep in the van... another tiring but fun, fun, fun time....

Another Sleepless Night With My Baby

we finally decided to call it a night... at two a.m., i lied down next to little bea to get some shut eye, but bea kept on tossing and turning, and kicking and slapping, kept of trying to sit up and crawl over to daddy's side. if i stop her, she'd cry. she wants to drink water, daddy gave her some, it appeased her only for a moment, then she vomitted it. she had a hard time going back to sleep. she was also running a low fever... 37.9 so i gave her tempra. she fell asleep after a while, only to wake up again after two hours. argh!

today i wake up at the sound of bea and her daddy fighting. she won't sleep again. she has feeding problems already, please don't tell me she's developed sleeping problems as well.

i hope it's just a phase.

bea's first cart experience

earlier hubby, bea, yaya and me went to robinson's metro east to do our grocery. ninang arlene wasn't able to do her marketing last weekend because she was busy serving at the PGR =). so today we were tasked with the marketing. we decided to bring bea along since it was so hot at home, she could use some airconditioned air =) and for the sake of her yaya na rin, para di naman masyadong bored sa bahay...

it was her first time to ride on the grocery cart. she loved it, kept of giggling out loud. she kept on pointing at the direction she wanted to go and things she wanted to touch. all the while babbling at the top of her lungs. however, moments later, the cart experience lost its charm ( well, she got bored) and she wanted mommy to pick her up. i obliged of course, how can i resist. =) i brought her over the aquariums to look at the fishes and she kept on pointing at the "pisss" =)

after doing the groceries, hubby went off to put the bags in the van, while i brought bea and yaya to Toys R Us. si bea typical girl talaga. she would grab a pink ball, touch girly dolls, rode a purple car... and of course when she saw a barney stuffed toy, naku napraning! she grabbed immediately saying "mimimi", a term of endearment she coined while watching barney videos. good thing after a few moments she lost interest of the toy( actually, inaliw at nilayo lang namin sya, hehehe), otherwise that would've cost us P645 for the small toy! grabe talaga!

little girl was feeling sleepy na by that time. we just bought a box of pizza and zagu pearl coolers as our snack and pasalubong for lolo resty waiting at home. we also had to head home by this time because i still had to cook my chicken sinigang (a success by the way!).

tiring but fun day =) little princess was such a good girl on this trip, i'm sure we'll do this again soon =)

First Swimming Experience

i just want to blog bea's first swimming experience. this happened last april, at kuya austin's 2nd party, april 14. this year they decided to have a swimming party. it was on a swelteringly hot afternoon. bea came in full gear, already wearing her pink polka dot swimsuit, new pink shades and her newly bought floater =) when we arrived tita che and ate lyssa was already there. we got a nice spot by the poolside and watched the games from there. soon, ann and denny arrived with their kids...hubby was called on to participate in a relay game... sayang i wasn't able to take a good picture.

then we tried getting bea in the pool, understandably she was a bit afraid so we placed her in the small wading pool for little kids with kuya harley. it got a bit crowded since they all had floaters...sayang di ako kasya, i wasn't able to get in there with her. but then when barney came out to dance, this really made her day! she was frantically pointing and waving at barney! hehehe... barney's her current fave you see, must've gotten my penchant for anything with the shade of violet =) when hubby was done with his game, he came in the pool to join bea... bea was having the time of her life... for only a couple of minutes... then i guess she felt cold already because she wanted to come up. hubby tried to hug her but when i saw her lips were already shaking we decided that her pool fun was now done ...hehehe.
by the poolsidemy first swim! cooold!

daddy and barney! fun fun fun!

good thing you're here daddy

with uneven seven and our kids =)

with mom's friends and their kids

Bea's First Haircut

our little bea had her first haircut last thurday, May 31. we have been wanting to do this for a long time but i was having second thoughts... it's easier to tie her hair back if it's long. but it's getting so long and curly (just like mommy and daddy!)

i was on leave still from work, daddy wanted to have a haircut so i decided to tag along with bea and her yaya. we had only one place to go to, tito ziffred's parlor. he is the official hair expert of the osana's.. =) i was supposed to hold her while in the chair, but i also wanted to take good pictures of the event, i was afraid hubby will not do a good job. hehehe... i just feel it is a milestone for her! so daddy held her while they sat on the chair. little bea was such a good girl during the whole thing. she only held on tightly to daddy while mommy snapped away with my camera phone! the only time she panicked was when the hairdryer was turned on (for only a few seconds) to dry her hair.

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