First Swimming Experience

i just want to blog bea's first swimming experience. this happened last april, at kuya austin's 2nd party, april 14. this year they decided to have a swimming party. it was on a swelteringly hot afternoon. bea came in full gear, already wearing her pink polka dot swimsuit, new pink shades and her newly bought floater =) when we arrived tita che and ate lyssa was already there. we got a nice spot by the poolside and watched the games from there. soon, ann and denny arrived with their kids...hubby was called on to participate in a relay game... sayang i wasn't able to take a good picture.

then we tried getting bea in the pool, understandably she was a bit afraid so we placed her in the small wading pool for little kids with kuya harley. it got a bit crowded since they all had floaters...sayang di ako kasya, i wasn't able to get in there with her. but then when barney came out to dance, this really made her day! she was frantically pointing and waving at barney! hehehe... barney's her current fave you see, must've gotten my penchant for anything with the shade of violet =) when hubby was done with his game, he came in the pool to join bea... bea was having the time of her life... for only a couple of minutes... then i guess she felt cold already because she wanted to come up. hubby tried to hug her but when i saw her lips were already shaking we decided that her pool fun was now done ...hehehe.
by the poolsidemy first swim! cooold!

daddy and barney! fun fun fun!

good thing you're here daddy

with uneven seven and our kids =)

with mom's friends and their kids

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