bea's first cart experience

earlier hubby, bea, yaya and me went to robinson's metro east to do our grocery. ninang arlene wasn't able to do her marketing last weekend because she was busy serving at the PGR =). so today we were tasked with the marketing. we decided to bring bea along since it was so hot at home, she could use some airconditioned air =) and for the sake of her yaya na rin, para di naman masyadong bored sa bahay...

it was her first time to ride on the grocery cart. she loved it, kept of giggling out loud. she kept on pointing at the direction she wanted to go and things she wanted to touch. all the while babbling at the top of her lungs. however, moments later, the cart experience lost its charm ( well, she got bored) and she wanted mommy to pick her up. i obliged of course, how can i resist. =) i brought her over the aquariums to look at the fishes and she kept on pointing at the "pisss" =)

after doing the groceries, hubby went off to put the bags in the van, while i brought bea and yaya to Toys R Us. si bea typical girl talaga. she would grab a pink ball, touch girly dolls, rode a purple car... and of course when she saw a barney stuffed toy, naku napraning! she grabbed immediately saying "mimimi", a term of endearment she coined while watching barney videos. good thing after a few moments she lost interest of the toy( actually, inaliw at nilayo lang namin sya, hehehe), otherwise that would've cost us P645 for the small toy! grabe talaga!

little girl was feeling sleepy na by that time. we just bought a box of pizza and zagu pearl coolers as our snack and pasalubong for lolo resty waiting at home. we also had to head home by this time because i still had to cook my chicken sinigang (a success by the way!).

tiring but fun day =) little princess was such a good girl on this trip, i'm sure we'll do this again soon =)

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