Take Your Time

My little girl is ecstatic. Today she goes back to school. She kept on
asking me what grade she is in, and when she'd get to first grade. (Last
year you were in nursery class. Now? You're in kinder class. And then?
Prep. And then?...)

I remember feeling that way when I was a kid.


Impatience to grow up soon, impatience to finish school so that I can at
last play all day long and not be forced to have my afternoon nap,
impatience for more responsibility. I wish I can tell my daughter to
take her time. Enjoy. Time will come when you'd want to stay a young
student forever. That way you don't have to brave torrential downpours
just to get to a job you don't particularly like, you can sleep all day
with the excuse of burning the midnight oil the night before, you only
have to open up your palm and blessing will be bestowed upon you (aka
allowance) and you can read loads of (pocket)books with adults' approval
since they feel reading can improve your vocabulary. You can make
mistakes and learn from them.

Take your time in growing. Enjoy the new experiences and the friendship.
Make mistakes and learn from them. Love with all your heart. Savor your
youth. Take chances. Dream, and dream big. Be brave, and baby, live

No School for Two Days

I was surprised when I saw the notes on the little one's school diary.
They had no classes for two days. In an effort to keep the teachers
healthy in body, mind and spirit, the school will be sending the whole
school's faculty off for a two-day retreat. Hmmm... I have a question...
It is only July, school only started last June. They had the months of
April and May to conduct their retreat... why didn't they have it then?!
Or they can also opt to have it on a weekend, but no... Does this mean
they also want free days off work? That they wouldn't want to encroach
on their employees private/home life so better on a work week than on

When I was still a student, I used to love it when we didn't have
classes... My parents didn't approve. They used to rant about how they
didn't like this one bit and how it was a waste of our money. I didn't
understand then, I fully understand now.

Two days... what a waste!

Bea's Ballet Recital

When summer started, our Bea was at a loss. She was listless since she had all the vacant time, school being out and all. We initially planned on enrolling her in a swimming class. The problem was we couldn’t find a class nearby and I just couldn’t burden her grandfather into taking her to classes every single day. We opted for ballet classes instead. Luckily, her school is just a few steps away from our house. She had classes every Tuesday and Saturday for an hour. When we ask her how her classes went, her answer is always the standard “ok lang”. We ask her to dance for us, she refuses. So all along, we thought she wasn’t learning much, but least her classes keeps her busy and gives her a routine.

After 10 sessions, they had a ballet recital in SM North Edsa Ballerinas from different schools gather to showcase their talents to an audience of ogling parents. We brought her Ninang and Lolo along too, for some good ole family support.They were the first performers. What amazed me was that Bea was so cool and composed during the whole time. No stage fright at all! From the moment she stepped on stage up to the time she hopped off it, she was smiling from ear to ear! Wow! And I was so amazed at how she could remember the various steps in their dance routine. It was not perfect but definitely beautiful. All this time, I thought she wasn’t learning and retaining anything from her classes…. And then there she was executing ballet steps and hops and turns on stage!

We were so proud of her! We intend to continue her ballet lessons this July. Who knows, this might be her “thing”, although I also want her to take piano lessons and swimming lessons, and her daddy want her to take taekwondo and drumming lessons… ahhh the pressure we place on our kids! =)

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Bea Vs Parties

Last November, my husband and I started a photography business, BK
Pixels Photography. We offer photography services for birthdays, debut,
weddings and corporate affairs. We also have a photobooth for rent.
Since we are both working, most of our gigs happen on weekends, the only
time we also get to spend with our daughter. Recently, when my daughter
sees me in front of the laptop, with my brows furrowed (I'm working on a
layout) she'd ask me whether we had a party later? When I'd say yes,
she'd literally wilt in front of me and slowly slink away.

This would crush my heart yet what can I do. How can I explain to a 5
year old that I am doing this as part of a plan so that in the long run,
I'd be able to spend so much more time with her? That the hope is we'll
be able to run this business full time, from home so that we won't miss
her growing up? It's sad how she now dreads the word "party" instead of
being all happy and excited when she hears it. For her party means mommy
and daddy will be away again...oh well.

Parenthood can be tough sometimes, but it can be even tougher when the
children have to sacrifice too...

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Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Thumb sucking

My daughter is already 5 years old and she's yet to get over her annoying habit of thumbsucking. As much as I've tried to help her get rid of the habit, she keeps on returning into it.

Thumb sucking can be a real comforting habit for our child. However, this comforting habit of our child is going to have a whole lot of repercussions for them later on including harming their teeth and jaws. Therefore, as responsible parents you do need to curb as best as possible this habit of thumb sucking.

Children go back to thumb sucking as a means to feel secure and safe in an environment. We have to be firm though since they really need to stop once the permanent teeth start appearing that is around the age of six years. If thumb sucking continues beyond this particular age then it is going to deform their teeth and then later on they might have to wear braces.

Also, the act of thumb sucking brings on a host of other problems such as the buildup of bacteria and infections. A good thing is to ensure that you deal with it in the most positive of manner. Do not punish your child for it as that will make them resentful and all the more insecure. Rather, try and wait it out and be as gentle as possible when you correct them. There are options and other comfort zones that you could offer our child such as a warm blanket, their favorite toy or be with them before they fall asleep to ensure that they don’t think of thumb sucking.

One thing that can help is being on the look-out for the triggers, the time of the day and what brings this on so that you can go on and avoid these kinds of situations for our child. Try and distract your child as soon as they try to put their thumbs in their mouth. Slowly and gently remove the thumb from the mouth and direct our child’s attention to something else. Hopefully the child will overcome thumb sucking without causing too much frustration to both mommy and child.

Mother's Day 2011

Today we celebrated mother's day. They whole family had a grand time since we celebrated it inside an ultra posh hotel in Hotel H2O. Thanks to my sister for brining the whole family along with her on her corporate summer outing. =)

My daughter Bea had a grand time since the whole family is together for a whole weekend!

I really felt the tug at my heart strings when she expressed her sadness in not-so subtle ways about tomorrow and how it was back to work day for us... and how she'd be left alone in the house. Too bad. I really do wish i can stay with her more... I feel so guilty.

Thanks for this mother's day baby! Thanks for the blessing of being your mommy!
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