Bea Vs Parties

Last November, my husband and I started a photography business, BK
Pixels Photography. We offer photography services for birthdays, debut,
weddings and corporate affairs. We also have a photobooth for rent.
Since we are both working, most of our gigs happen on weekends, the only
time we also get to spend with our daughter. Recently, when my daughter
sees me in front of the laptop, with my brows furrowed (I'm working on a
layout) she'd ask me whether we had a party later? When I'd say yes,
she'd literally wilt in front of me and slowly slink away.

This would crush my heart yet what can I do. How can I explain to a 5
year old that I am doing this as part of a plan so that in the long run,
I'd be able to spend so much more time with her? That the hope is we'll
be able to run this business full time, from home so that we won't miss
her growing up? It's sad how she now dreads the word "party" instead of
being all happy and excited when she hears it. For her party means mommy
and daddy will be away again...oh well.

Parenthood can be tough sometimes, but it can be even tougher when the
children have to sacrifice too...

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