bea loves shopping

because of bea's long overdue growth spurt, we've had to go shopping for some new clothes for the little girl since most of her clothes don't fit her anymore. while looking around for some stuff, bea saw this toy bag with stroller and begun lugging it around where ever she went. she kept on saying "bea, kool" (bea school) as she goes through the different clothes. so kikay!

after a while, she decided that she wants the toy bag, so she loaded it, on her own, to her stroller! i found it so cute, and i wanted to buy the toy stroller for her, but it costs P300! i mean for a plastic bag with pretend food inside, that's just too much. i know what will eventually happen to it anyway, it will suffer the same fate as her other toys. it will either end up strewn all over the floor, or dumped in our tambakan, forgotten after giving her joy for a couple of minutes. no, i stood firm. we didn't buy it, we bought her some clothes instead.

after a while, she remembered her toy, and started looking for it. then she began whining, and crying... i told her that the bag got dirty and a salesman was just cleaning it up... after a while she calmed down and eventually forgot about it. whew!

cinderella finally owns her first pair of slippers

ever since bea learned how to walk, we made her wear sandals. at that time, since her feet were so tiny, slippers don't fit her well. even sandals were too big for her, but at least there were straps and so they stayed in place. lately though, we noticed that some of her toes didn't look so well, in fact they were dark and they had a weird shape... probably because of being enclosed in her sandals. (by sandals, i mean the sandals with crocs design)

that is why we decided to buy regular slippers for her. as expected she was really excited to try them on! it took a while for her to get used to the concept of this kind of slippers, it's different from the slip on sandals that she is used to. she often stumbled. she had a hard time putting them on, and an even harder time keeping them on.

then was then, now she wears her pink slippers with the confidence of an old timer. she walks, jumps, and runs in them. success!

she now has her eyes on my heeled shoes... and the adventure continues...

St. Pio Chapel in Libis Quezon City

i posted a story in my other blog, my own piece of heaven, about our visit to the St. Pio Chapel in Libis. Guess what? a few weeks ago, i was contacted by their travel editor and asked if it's ok with me, they will run my article in the Pinoy Moms Network site. of course i agreed!

after some weeks of waiting eagerly for any word from the editor, i finally received an email saying that my article is up. here it is: A Visit at St. Pio Chapel . please check it out!

odd shots monday # 2

my post is a little bit late this week. sorry guys! here it is:

notice that nice intricate patterns on its ebony surface... true artistry etched on the block of dark material... what is it?

charcoal! hehehe... hubby's office is being renovated and at the time i visited him, the workers were painting the walls already. as expected, the smell of paint was overpowering, but they had no choice for it was business as usual at the office. what they did was just place plastic bags of coal on strategic spots of their office, they believed that the coal would absorb the smell, and therefore lessen it. seemed to work... =)

photo hunt :: dark

san agustin church

i took a picture of the San Agustin Church in Manila in the dark. i was really surpised because this is how it came out, with lots of orbs hovering about... some give these orbs paranormal implications while some just say that these are just dust particles caught by the camera... any which way, it looked spooky!

LO share :: Darling Bea

darling bea

our morning ritual

poor bea has got the sniffles. blame it on the weird weather that we've been having. this is too bad because we had to break our regular morning routine for fear of aggravating her condition... you see, for a while now, we have this sort of morning ritual. bea is in that stage where whenever her daddy and i leave for the office, she insists on coming along, to the point of crying! so we decided that every morning we will let her ride in the car with us and we'd go around a couple of blocks in our subdivision, by the time we get to the guard house her nanny would be waiting for her. she'd willingly get off the car waving enthusiastically at us... that's enough to make her day.

we'd pass by some chicken and bea would wave at them and say "bye bye iken" (chicken), then we'd pass by a cat and she'd say "bye bye cat". then she'd proceed to quiz us, "anto?", "nyan?" (ano to? ano yan?) pointing at anything that catches her fancy. the funny thing is that she actually remembers where everyone is supposed to be because one time when we passed by the vacant lot where we usually some chicken,but at that time there weren't any since it was raining... bea said "no-no iken, mo mor" (no chicken, no more) hahaha... sharp memory!
the short trip we take every day is meant to make our bea happy, but guess what, it makes our day too!

photohunt :: clouds

somthin fishy

this is the venue of bea's first birthday, somethin' fishy in eastwood city, libis qc. we had the sesame street theme. we had a lot of guests and we all had great fun. notice the white fluffly clouds that day, it was a good thing that the weather cooperated with us. it was a bright and sunny afternoon and almost everyone we invited came. =)

odd shots on monday

Odd shots on mondays is hosted by Katney, visit her blog to join the fun!

fun ranch 0036

here's a pic of hubby and little bea taken in a theme park for little kids, the fun ranch. It was our first time there and we were just thrilled!. There are food stalls, a mini-ferris wheel, the requisite merry-go-round, karaoke rooms, an arcade, a childcare center, and a host of other activity centers for kids of all ages. We didn’t manage to go to all the stores and stalls but it was obvious from the number of people there that the Fun Ranch is definitely a must-visit place for all families, especially those with young ones.
what's odd about this pic? the blue horse standing beside them, LOL! pretty weird choice of color for a horse don't you think? =)

happy birthday bea...still


7 months after bea's second birthday, which we celebrated at home, her birthday banner still hangs by our dining area. we had a dora the explorer themed party. she still refers to her as "backpack" instead of dora, although i feel that it is easier to say dora. i don't know it is her innate stubbornness or she just finds her "R's" still hard to pronounce.

bea's world

i've decided to start a blog primarily about my adventures in parenting. my daughter is now 2 years and 7 months old and i must say, i am learning so much from her...although isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

anyhoo... i'm still amazed that this little human is growing up so fast, and learning so much... this is going to be a chronicle of our daily adventures... and mishaps together. =)
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