Take Your Time

My little girl is ecstatic. Today she goes back to school. She kept on
asking me what grade she is in, and when she'd get to first grade. (Last
year you were in nursery class. Now? You're in kinder class. And then?
Prep. And then?...)

I remember feeling that way when I was a kid.


Impatience to grow up soon, impatience to finish school so that I can at
last play all day long and not be forced to have my afternoon nap,
impatience for more responsibility. I wish I can tell my daughter to
take her time. Enjoy. Time will come when you'd want to stay a young
student forever. That way you don't have to brave torrential downpours
just to get to a job you don't particularly like, you can sleep all day
with the excuse of burning the midnight oil the night before, you only
have to open up your palm and blessing will be bestowed upon you (aka
allowance) and you can read loads of (pocket)books with adults' approval
since they feel reading can improve your vocabulary. You can make
mistakes and learn from them.

Take your time in growing. Enjoy the new experiences and the friendship.
Make mistakes and learn from them. Love with all your heart. Savor your
youth. Take chances. Dream, and dream big. Be brave, and baby, live

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