No School for Two Days

I was surprised when I saw the notes on the little one's school diary.
They had no classes for two days. In an effort to keep the teachers
healthy in body, mind and spirit, the school will be sending the whole
school's faculty off for a two-day retreat. Hmmm... I have a question...
It is only July, school only started last June. They had the months of
April and May to conduct their retreat... why didn't they have it then?!
Or they can also opt to have it on a weekend, but no... Does this mean
they also want free days off work? That they wouldn't want to encroach
on their employees private/home life so better on a work week than on

When I was still a student, I used to love it when we didn't have
classes... My parents didn't approve. They used to rant about how they
didn't like this one bit and how it was a waste of our money. I didn't
understand then, I fully understand now.

Two days... what a waste!

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