Halloween 2015

I have been so remiss at updating this blog. I know, I know... As the old cliche goes, life happened. 
I have been tempted to give up on this blog for so many reasons, but whenever I go through my past posts, I can't help but smile, at my daughter's antics and adventures.
Often I get caught up on SEO, blog hits, monetizing and key words that I would get too overwhelmed to continue. This time, I've decided to do this just for me, for my own recording of our lives, just like the old times. :)

Anyway, enough blabbering. I just want to share about my daughter's halloween adventures last year. She was nine years old and she dressed up as Cleopatra. We just used her black dress from two years before and then bought some egyptian princess accessories in our local thrift shop, Value Village. 

 It worked perfectly because as it turns out, teal or torquise is her current favourite colour at that time. I just put some green eye shadow on her lids and drew a line with an eye pencil, and voila! My pretty egyptian princess is ready for trick or treat!

I was swept up with the excitement and decided to draw some kitty whiskers and a kitty nose on my face. Fun times!

Funny though, as much thought that goes on in the process of preparing for halloween costumes, oftentimes they are not really seen because kids get bundled up with thick coats and toques anyway since it gets freaking cold outside! Haha...

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