Bea's Ballet Recital

When summer started, our Bea was at a loss. She was listless since she had all the vacant time, school being out and all. We initially planned on enrolling her in a swimming class. The problem was we couldn’t find a class nearby and I just couldn’t burden her grandfather into taking her to classes every single day. We opted for ballet classes instead. Luckily, her school is just a few steps away from our house. She had classes every Tuesday and Saturday for an hour. When we ask her how her classes went, her answer is always the standard “ok lang”. We ask her to dance for us, she refuses. So all along, we thought she wasn’t learning much, but least her classes keeps her busy and gives her a routine.

After 10 sessions, they had a ballet recital in SM North Edsa Ballerinas from different schools gather to showcase their talents to an audience of ogling parents. We brought her Ninang and Lolo along too, for some good ole family support.They were the first performers. What amazed me was that Bea was so cool and composed during the whole time. No stage fright at all! From the moment she stepped on stage up to the time she hopped off it, she was smiling from ear to ear! Wow! And I was so amazed at how she could remember the various steps in their dance routine. It was not perfect but definitely beautiful. All this time, I thought she wasn’t learning and retaining anything from her classes…. And then there she was executing ballet steps and hops and turns on stage!

We were so proud of her! We intend to continue her ballet lessons this July. Who knows, this might be her “thing”, although I also want her to take piano lessons and swimming lessons, and her daddy want her to take taekwondo and drumming lessons… ahhh the pressure we place on our kids! =)

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