Another Sleepless Night With My Baby

we finally decided to call it a night... at two a.m., i lied down next to little bea to get some shut eye, but bea kept on tossing and turning, and kicking and slapping, kept of trying to sit up and crawl over to daddy's side. if i stop her, she'd cry. she wants to drink water, daddy gave her some, it appeased her only for a moment, then she vomitted it. she had a hard time going back to sleep. she was also running a low fever... 37.9 so i gave her tempra. she fell asleep after a while, only to wake up again after two hours. argh!

today i wake up at the sound of bea and her daddy fighting. she won't sleep again. she has feeding problems already, please don't tell me she's developed sleeping problems as well.

i hope it's just a phase.

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