Bea's First Haircut

our little bea had her first haircut last thurday, May 31. we have been wanting to do this for a long time but i was having second thoughts... it's easier to tie her hair back if it's long. but it's getting so long and curly (just like mommy and daddy!)

i was on leave still from work, daddy wanted to have a haircut so i decided to tag along with bea and her yaya. we had only one place to go to, tito ziffred's parlor. he is the official hair expert of the osana's.. =) i was supposed to hold her while in the chair, but i also wanted to take good pictures of the event, i was afraid hubby will not do a good job. hehehe... i just feel it is a milestone for her! so daddy held her while they sat on the chair. little bea was such a good girl during the whole thing. she only held on tightly to daddy while mommy snapped away with my camera phone! the only time she panicked was when the hairdryer was turned on (for only a few seconds) to dry her hair.

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