What is your favorite ice cream flavor or ice cream concoction?

Hmmm... What is my fave flavor? basically it's anything with chocolate in it. I am partial to Double Dutch and Rocky Road though, and anything with brownies. Argh! it is so hard to choose when it comes to ice cream!

Recently though i got to try the Tiramisu Magic from the Ice Cream House and it was mighty fine! check out my post about that experience.


julie said...

Ice cream house is one favorite stopover when we are not in a hurry and we are on the street that has a branch :) Ice cream is not super yummy and sweet like those being sold in the supermarkets but hey, this is ice cream for good value!

Thanks for joining WQ and have a great Sunday :)

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docgelo said...

i'm such an ice cream person too!
i can't imagine a world without ice cream! my wife Tina is bias too with double dutch, make that my entire in-laws. But i favor chocolate, coffee crumble, hazelnut brownie fudge, & chocolate truffles. sarap!
also, i so love dairy queen CHOCOLATE EXTREME! you have to try it KD-O! regards to bernard!

PS : im not so techie as you, question : how do you post the HUMAN CALENDAR? (i'm not sure if wordpress supports it)

rissa said...

yum! this really looks so yummy and i love ur presentation as well. makes it even more delicious, lol!

ps: thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving comments as well. have a great week ahead and advance happy easter!

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