Bea Wants to Play the Piano

Last weekend, we were at the mall when we passed by a music store. Inside, there was a little girl playing the piano. She looked even younger than my daughter. What’s even more amusing is that my daughter seemed enthralled at the sight of her too! When we got home she kept on telling me how she wanted to learn to play the piano too. Of course I told her yes!

I remember my cousin had a piano tutor back when we were kids. I remember thinking how it was such a waste of a perfect afternoon, just sitting around playing the piano, when she could’ve been out with us playing. Of course that all changed when I heard her play beautiful melodies on her piano. That was when I resolved that my child will definitely learn to play the piano too! Thankfully she is now showing interest! I’m sure we can find a beginner piano course out there that caters to kids.

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