A Mother's Day Gift

Yesterday,  my daughter came home really excited.  She asked me to close my eyes because she had a surprise for me.  I happily obliged.  When I opened my eyes,  I saw this beautiful sight in front of me:

My mother's day surprise 

Apparently,  her teacher from school helped the class make a simple but meaningful gift for moms. She happily explained to me that she even chose my favourite color of wrapping paper and ribbon.  Isn't that sweet? I eagerly unwrapped my present.

My Perfect Gift 
I was so pleased when I saw my gift! It was a purple handmade photo frame containing my Bea's beautiful beaming photo.  I loved it! She even decorated the photo frame on her own! The gift also came  with a sweet note.

Mother's Day is on Sunday.  We will be celebrating it for the first time here in Canada.  Although I am happy for my husband that he gets to be with his mom after years,  I am a bit sad that I won't be able to visit my own mom in the memorial  park in the Philippines. That's ok,  I can always whisper a prayer for her in heaven.  :)

We have no solid plans yet how we'll celebrate Mother's Day
tomorrow.  The important thing is that we'll spend the day together as a family.  How are you spending mother's day? 

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