Fridate at Ikea, Edmonton

Last Friday,  I got home first as usual.  I rested a bit while  waiting for the  hubby and Bea.  Hubby is in charge of fetching  Bea from daycare.  This week was a particularly busy one for all three of us.  I had Math finals plus our class hosted the welcome lunch for the new batch.  Hubby experienced several "difficult"  customers.  Bea was student of the week,  which meant she helped teacher with miscellaneous tasks and presented the week's show and tell.  

While I was still in school I texted hubby,  "Let's go out tonight."  "OK!"  was his eager reply.  

When we were still in the Philippines,  we went out often.  Here in Edmonton,  we don't go out as much mainly because malls close early!  Hehe.  Plus,  we're trying to watch our budget too.  Anyway Ikea is always a good option because they close at 9:00 pm,  they have affordable yet delicious food,  and they have really house goodies at very reasonable prices!  

It was definitely a fun Friday date for our family.  We had dinner,  Bea played in the play area for a bit then we went and bought a few items for the kitchen.  :) 

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