Working on a School Project with Daddy

A few months ago,  Bea came home with a homework to come up with a project showcasing stable shapes,  like cylinders.  Bea decided to make a sheep.  Realizing that this is an arts and crafts project,  and a science project at the same time,  I implored the hubby to take charge.  Between the two of us,  he is the artistic one.  He reluctantly agreed.

Bea and her daddy eagerly started planning for the project.  They decided to use their favourite 3D cartoon show,  Shaun the Sheep as peg.

Bea's Shaun the Sheep

The end product was truly adorable!

Materials used:

Toilet paper rolls
Egg crate
Black Sharpie
Black Spray Paint 

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots:

Looking back though, I think it was a pretty bad idea to give the sheep long legs, because apparently Shaun wasn't that stable. When hubby and I visited the school for Bea's demo of learning, Shaun already lost a leg. They made sheep too tall to stay true to Shaun the Sheep's appearance.

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