The Benefits of Post Natal Massages

A new mother’s body is going through many physical and hormonal changes. A new mom is often stressed and lacking from a good night’s sleep. This is where massages can come to the rescue. A combination of aromatherapy and lymphatic drainage massage will help you restore your body shape and firm up the skin tissue stretched and strained during the pregnancy. Proper post natal massage will help you regain your body’s tone, firmness and elasticity.

There are several more reasons why post natal massage is good for your body:
• Improves the lymphatic and circulatory system of your body.
• Reduces the stress hormones through released “happy hormones” endorphins.
• Promotes healthy lactation, relaxes mothers so you can produce more milk.
• Aids in the healing of bladder disorders and soreness caused by the birthing

A word of advice for your mothers out there. As much as your whole world is now revolving around the little one, you still need to take care of yourself. Keep your beauty and sanity, a little pampering goes a long, long way!

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